Ps4 Pro hard drive

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. [May 25, 2021] – New ContentEight new Races have been added to Red Dead Online :Two new Standard RacesTwo new Open RacesTwo new Target RacesTwo new Open Target Races[May 10, 2021] – General / Miscellaneous (PC Only)General stability and security fixes[February 16, 2021] – New ContentThree A New Source of Employment Missions have been added to Red Dead… We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. 沪ICP备14040797号-6; 沪公网安备 31010102002927号 Check your internet connection and try again. Try Again Discover the epic RPG saga of monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, as well as Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales — a new adventure from the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. PS4「鬼滅の刃 ヒノカミ血風譚」最強の鬼狩りを目指せ! Switch「ゼルダの伝説 スカイウォードソード HD」ゼルダの伝説、はじまりの物語。「スカイウォードソード」が7月16日登場! the brand new Iki Island, plus PS5-specific enhancements like DualSense haptic... © 2021 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

2021.09.18 13:34 NichaosTan Ps4 Pro hard drive

My Ps4 firmware was 8.52, and I got a 7.55 firmware and ssd. If I swap the ssd with 7.55 firmware and restore the data, will it brick my Ps4?
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2021.09.18 13:34 SebaNic93 Kawai Shiba🔥 1 Day old💥 25k Marketcap, So early💎, BUSD reward token, Lottery jackpot every day 🎰, Own Dex launching soon🔥, Dashboard ready , BSC Gem💎 Don't miss the next 100x

Kawai Shiba is a generator of BUSD token. When you generated a lot of BUSD with Holding, you could stake them, so you will generate twice the amount!
All you have to do is to buy and hold Kawai Shiba tokens and you'll get BUSD tokens with every transaction!
The token will be launched with low liquidity - just like Baby Cake, and has a lot of place to grow (I heard easy 100x? NFA Tho).
Contract: 0x0a24646623a95248e6d9c153f2be6fef4b78d00d
💰 Supply - 100,000,000,000
🔥 30% burned (30,000,000,000)
🧇 67% (67,000,000,000) to be added to Pancakeswap
🧇 3% wallet - Marketing wallet, for future marketing.
Every transaction there will be fees as follows:
🧇 15% - Total fees.
🧇 8% - BUSD reward pool
🧇 3% - Liquidity fee
🧇 4% - Marketing + buyback functions
🌎 Website:
🌎 Twitter:
💬 Telegram:
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2021.09.18 13:34 emilyywilsonn Prettylittlething dress size 4

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2021.09.18 13:34 Tailmesumtin Car struck by lightning maybe? Electrical system has gone haywire!

The vehicle is a 2001 Volvo V70 2.4 Turbo front wheel drive model.
It started off with the vehicle not starting. You could turn the key and you got nothing but rapid fire click noises. Checked the battery connections and cleaned them up any ways, even put in a new battery that I had bought less than a year ago that I know is good. Either way it didn't matter it still made the same rapid fire click noise while trying to start. Next I pulled the starter and had it tested at 2 places one said said the starter was bad the other place said the starter is a little weak but it passed the test 3 times in a row. So I ordered a new starter installed it and it still does the same thing. Turn the key and nothing but rapid fire clicks. I give up and just install a push button to start the car for the moment until I can figure it out. This works but I have to turn the key to the 3rd position and get to the push button quickly or the vehicle won't start. I had to put the push button under the hood due to a lack of any place drill through fire wall to install the push button inside.
Anyhow so one day we have a thunderstorm and huge bolt of lighting hits nearby very close. After the storm passes I go out to get into my car and drive it to store, hop in and the back wiper is going with the car in off and the key out of the ignition. I start the car and now all every light on the outside of car lights up and won't turn off. My brake lights stay premently illuminated. Could lighting have struck my car? Or struck nearby it and fried the electrical? The only way I can get the wiper to stop is to disconnect the battery. Since then I've checked my CEM box under the dash I do see where one of the shunt resistor has melted the plastic where it connects. But the box itself is fine. I took out the ecm took it part didn't see any damage.
I'm about out of Ideas on what is causing my electrical problems. Hopefully you guys have some ideas for me try. My next thing I'm going to check is ignition switch I guess.
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2021.09.18 13:34 SillyTaco32 Faber - Alles Gute [Indie Rock] (2017)

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2021.09.18 13:34 CountingNutters 2meirl4meirl

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2021.09.18 13:34 DankKnight21 It was Cheeto’s 1st birthday yesterday!

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2021.09.18 13:34 Axaxou Baby pokemon

Excluding Gen 2, I HATE all the baby pokemon. They completely ruin the concept of breeding. E.g. breeding a Snorlax in Gen3 gives you a Snorlax and suddenly Munchlax appears! I think this is the only flaw of Gen 4 (and Gen3, which introduced 2 babies). I was always super annoyed by this, to the point that I don't enjoy the games that much. Am I the only one? lol.
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2021.09.18 13:34 Bubbly_Scientist_980 Any sense in continue taking finasterid, if my dht levels are still through the roof?

Hi, i just got the results of my blood work back and theyre pretty sobering...

my DHT is at 762 pg/ml and the norm is 250-990
so im thinking if my hair follicles are sensitive to it( finasterid hasnt stopped anything) should i rather give up and save money/ switch to dut or any sense in keep taking fin=
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2021.09.18 13:34 BraveBangle I'm tired of being spoon-fed romances. Give me recs where there's still some mystery to the romance.

I want to be able to decide for myself when the MCs fall in love, not be explicitly told it. I don't want to be led mindlessly on a journey, I want to be able to do some speculating and thinking of my own!
Bonus points if the reader knows before the MC(s) that they're in love.
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2021.09.18 13:34 JulBez We woke up from cryptosleep in a middle of nowhere (Part 1)

There is four of us. We crashed a couple of days ago, maybe three. I don’t really know how to write a journal or a diary, but I figured this would help, if not this … situation, than me personally. I need to get this out of my chest and keep track of all the things we are doing, time passing and our mental states. I don’t even know if someone is gonna read this or if I want anyone from our group reading this.
Yes, we crashed. No, not with a plane or a … helicopter or whatever. The transportation vehicles are these human-sized futuristic cryptocaskets that look built by aliens. I could compare them to refrigerators with glass doors and much enhanced design… A refrigerator on steroids, yes, that is what it is. What is interesting about these caskets is that they have several separate little storages for different purposes. There is one storing food and clean water, one that has some work supplies like a hammer, rope and such and the last one stores… well we haven’t figured that out yet. As we fell and hit the ground, two out of the three storage doors managed to unlock, leaving the last one still closed and inaccessible.
I am so rude, I should have introduced our group! As I said, there is four of us: me (how very narcissistic to go first, I promise I’m not), the man we all call the “Doctor” (guess why), Bob (the builder, sorry Bob) and Jesus… No, not the actual son of God, which we would all need to be honest… But it is just this very… confident young Mexican lad. You actually pronounce it like “Hey-zoos”, which now realizing looks exceptionally weird written on paper…
Doctor is an older man, I would say reaching the age of 60. He studied herbal medicine or something like that, don’t judge me, I am just very happy to have someone who can take care of us if things go to shit. To have a doctor is a blessing to us. He’s actually the nicest of us all, very helpful and lovely to speak to. I guess we could have a therapist in him too.
Bob is not as social as Doctor, actually, he is not social at all. He had spent his first days mostly with his mouth shut but maybe that’s just shock getting to him. Now, I’m not saying he’s unlikeable, despite his mild grumpiness, I just wish he isn’t a secret serial killer waiting for an opportunity to silence us in our sleep… Just kidding, kinda. Bob is about 62 years old, but his physical appearance makes him at least 10 years younger. He is fairly tall and has a firm body, I would guess he was a constructor or a builder, but he admitted that’s just a passion and his real job was VR design. I would have never guessed. That is all I know about Bob.
And the last one is Jesus. I really don’t want to occupy this piece of paper with characteristics of him, he is already throwing it in every conversation, talking about how he is going to save us and things are going to work themselves out somehow with his help. Heyzoos can do basically anything, according to that poor naïve guy. And its all just because he owns a set of muscular arms. Unfortunately for him, the brain is not getting any bigger. He pisses me off, lets continue.
Okay, so that would be our little crew. A couple of wrecks with mild to moderate amnesia trying to get their life together in a middle of nowhere. Since we have crashed, we don’t recall many memories as to why have we been put to cryptosleep or when exactly did the decision happen. But I am pretty certain that they are looking for us, whoever they are. We are obviously being tracked, it just can take a little more time to locate us and come pick us up.
I know I’ve not introduced myself, but I feel like you’ll get a pretty good picture of who I am if you’ll get your hands on this journal. Besides, I don’t really like talking about myself this way… All you need to know for now is that my name is Jennifer. I don’t remember a lot, I certainly don’t remember anything about this crypto-trip being planned. I mean, what was I thinking? Why would I ever volunteer to do this? This is not me… Something huge must have happened in my life, maybe I found a cure for cancer, so the government wanted to preserve my brain… Obviously not.
We landed in this beautiful forest with unbelievable scenery. I should use the word crashed, but the crash itself was not that critical. No one was injured in a serious way, I felt my hand punch the glass door pretty hard, but it does not hurt anymore. We all can walk, move and talk pretty fine thanks to the emergency system blowing up the parachute. I mean, yes, Jesus’ head suffered a terrible trauma but that dates back to the day he was born.
The moment we got out we all felt disoriented. We didn’t know who we were for a good couple of seconds, and we didn’t even know each other, it was very confusing. Our instincts told us to stick together and make a shelter, so we followed. And here we are.
The first night was terrible. Even though its lovely to wake up to sunrays tickling your cheeks and slowly making you to get up, I just seem to not receive a good night’s sleep. Now, that could have been caused by the sleeping material we are all using, which is plain blankets covered by one of our crews' parachute protecting us from possible rain. Bob found it laying on the ground several meters away from where we landed. Others also reported issues with overall quality of sleep, but I would swear I heard Bob snore last night.
“Slept good, did ya?” was the first question I heard after I woke up. Doctor looked at me with kind eyes waiting for a response, but I just shrugged. He understandably tilted his head to the side and smiled. I knew we were in this together. “Well, I couldn’t fall asleep due to all the sounds coming from different directions, I’ve never spent the night in an environment such as this”, he continued and attempted to get the campfire going. “Me neither, a lot of cracking noises, they actually startled me in times, made me feel like someone was coming… What are we having for breakfast?” I had to change the subject because of the terrible rumbling that was happening in my stomach. Doctor picked up a couple of bags of preserved sausages and held them above his breasts. “These bad boys”, he grinned. I got up from my sleeping bag and headed towards Jesus’ and Bob’s quarters. “Guys, it is time to wake up, Doctor is making us some breakfast”, I raised my voice and checked if the rest of the crew heard me. “I am fully awake, thank you very much, I could hear you both from a mile away”, was Jesus’ warm morning welcome that we all surely appreciated. Knobhead, I thought to myself.
“Oh, God! Now what is this?” Jesus continued with his lovely morning mood. “I absolutely cannot eat this, it’s filled with a bunch of unhealthy preservatives! Do you know what that could do to my body? I need protein.” “There is a lot of it in that caterpillar right there, help yourself”, Doctor tried to lighten up the mood but failed horribly. He quickly erased that smile from his face. “I mean, this is all we have for now, preserved food…” Doctor ended the conversation and began to cook. Bob looked like he accepted our nutrition plan for the upcoming future and sat down by the fire to warm up his hands. The sausages were digestible, but not too tasty. It was just enough to satisfy our basic needs and I guess that is what's important considering the situation we are in.
We spent the first day chopping down some small trees and hauling wood, exploring the area near our shelter zone and talking. When the evening came and the sun started to set, we gathered around our campfire trying to figure things out. “We have got a pretty good wood stock going, should keep us warm for a couple of nights”, said Doctor optimistically with the intent to start a conversation. “That is very good, Doc”, I supported him. I felt like we needed to get to know each other better so I began asking. “So, why don’t we say something about ourselves? I mean, we are obviously going to stick around for some time before they track and rescue us…” Jesus lifted up his head a little and looked at me and Doctor like I’ve said something unbelievable. “Jesus, why don’t you star-...“ “Are you that naïve?” He barked at me. “Do you really think someone is coming for us? Oh, poor girl… Listen to me, we are here alone. If you want to survive you need to follow the leader of the group and I suggest myself, since, you know, I am the strongest of us all, physically and mentally”. Bob finally broke his silence and opposed Jesus immediately. “I am not following you”, he said and directed his eyes to the burning fire in front of us. “Whatever, old man, sooner or later you’ll have to.” I didn’t like where this was going so I wiped the last 30 seconds off my memory and tried to change my attitude. Fortunately, Doctor came to my rescue. “Guys, calm down, I think it is a very good idea to strike up a conversation. We might have learned our names, but we need much more information about each other and this… situation. Has anyone else been experiencing memory loss or symptoms of anything just as serious?” I really appreciated how Doc stood up for me and to be honest, I kind of started to look up to him a bit. He looks like just the guy a person would need for survival. Jesus calmed down a little and to our surprise, he even answered and WITHOUT sarcasm. “I’ve been having trouble remembering anything about this, I don’t know who put me in that fuc*ing coffin or the whole point of me traveling God knows where… Why am I even traveling with you? Are we related?” I hope not. “Good question! And thank you for answering, Jesus”, said Doctor. “We are on the same boat, actually, the last thing I can recall is…” He froze, looked up to the sky, then looked at me and said very softly “I don’t know”. I figured he was waiting for me to answer the same question. “I have no idea”. Bob stayed quiet.
We had spent a good hour talking and trying to get our memories working again, but we were not successful. Doctor then changed the subject. “How was your landing? Is anything damaged on your, ehm, machines?” “Mine looks brand new, a few scratches but nothing worth pointing out”, I answered proudly. Bob opened his mouth to, God forbid, say something, but Jesus interrupted him. “Oh I’ve landed alright! The damn thing had to eject me out of there, I nearly got stuck on a tree! And by the way, you’re welcome, that parachute I came with is currently dangling above your precious little heads”. As I heard what he said, I got up and headed towards Jesus’ cryptocasket. Others arrived a few seconds later. Jesus seemed disturbed, like I wanted to steal his favorite toy, but I ignored him. Surprisingly enough, Bob had something to say as he looked up and down the machine. “Well, you’re not coming back with this, its completely unusable”, he grinned. “Oh, like any of you are going to be zooming across the sky”, Jesus protested.
We turned around and started heading to the campfire, when Doctor stopped us. “Wait! There is a gap here!” We didn’t understand, so we came closer to where he was pointing. Then we saw it. The door to Storage number 3.
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2021.09.18 13:34 Significant-Part-172 Call Of Duty Vanguard codigo beta ilimitado

se puede canjear acá
se puede usar múltiples veces
igualmente mañana es beta abierta para todos
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2021.09.18 13:34 Ludvik_Pytlicek Reddit is showing me this crap as an ad. I'm not american nor do I care about americans yelling out to the world how they can't handle covid.

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2021.09.18 13:34 Yve588 We need Tobutz and Selfe 7342 7458 8103 ////0304 5964 1922

We from Germany Lvl. 42 and Lvl. 43
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2021.09.18 13:34 MajorSideCharacter Dendro Family Portra... oh.

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2021.09.18 13:34 WaterHyuga Have you always been Left or Right Leaning or have you Switched Views?

Not on one particular issue but on your political viewpoints as a whole.
View Poll
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2021.09.18 13:34 mt4christ247 M.M. & Jesus Forever – Clear Communication: Christian Love & Friendship

For an extended message go to:
Good morning
Today’s photo of a cumulus and cirrus cloud filled blue sky comes to us from a friend who was out tending to their property back in August and who took a moment to take a few shots of the heavens as they were taking care of business on the earth. There are two other photos on the blog today that feature these skies and a few more red barns if you want to check them out go to the “restricted” blog mt4christ dot org.
I had to look up the names of the different types of the clouds in this photo, as my meteorology 101 knowledge from a class back in my undergrad days in the 1990’s has faded over the years and was hazy to begin with as my collegiate days were a little “dazed and confused”.
What I discovered or relearned was the cirrus clouds, featured at the tops of these photos, are the short, detached, hair-like clouds found at high altitudes. These delicate clouds are wispy, with a silky sheen, or look like tufts of hair. In the daytime, they are whiter than any other cloud in the sky. While the sun is setting or rising, they may take on the colors of the sunset.
And the cumulus clouds, featured on the bottom of the sky in these photos, are detached, individual, cauliflower-shaped clouds that look like big balls of cotton in the sky and are usually spotted in fair weather conditions. The tops of these clouds are mostly brilliant white tufts when lit by the sun, although their base is usually relatively dark.
I was moved to know the names of the clouds by curiosity and my desire to be clear in my descriptions of them, so now you know what these two types of clouds are called, and you can impress your friends with your new limited cloud knowledge!
Speaking of friends and the desire to be clear in our communications, it’s the weekend and today I will be getting together with my friend at the property featured in today’s photos to enjoy each other’s company and to discuss various aspects of Christian discipleship.
Part of our dialog, as two single Christians, has been our common desire to follow the Lord’s will for our lives in terms of relationships. The biblical principle for sexual ethics is clear and simple but is in stark contrast with the loose attitudes regarding sex that is common in society at large and even within the church. The Bible’s guidelines for approved use for sexual conduct is within the confines of a marriage between a husband and wife, a man and a woman.
So, that means if your desire is to be within the Lord’s guidelines for sex, there is to be no sexual activity outside of marriage. Any sexual coupling or individual sex acts are “missing the mark” of God’s design for the use of sex for pleasure and the healthy expression of love in a marriage.
So as two people who have had their fair share of sexual experiences that “missed the mark” in the past and have suffered guilt, shame, and broken relationships as a consequence of them, my friend and I support one another in our mutual intention to with hold ourselves until we are able to find a Christian spouse. We have both confided to one another that our desires for love and affection and the temptation to compromise are a struggle that is real but is one we can endure because of our love for God, our desire to do His will, and the fact that we have a wealth of experience from our pasts that testify to negative consequences of giving in and “sinning against our own bodies”, as the new testament describes the negative effects of fornication in the unseen spiritual realities.
While fornication can have negative physical and emotional effects, the Bible informs us there are also unseen spiritual consequences to consider. The sexual union is said to make two become one flesh. This verbiage points to a “spiritual bonding” that takes place that is commonly called “soul ties”.
Ever wonder why you can’t stop thinking about “old what’s her name” or “old what’s his name” from your past sexual history? It’s because you formed “soul ties” with them! The good news is that you can renounce and break those through repentance and prayer. The Steps to Freedom in Christ, Dr. Neil Anderson’s discipleship counseling tool, includes a step that can resolve the issues of our sexual pasts.
Because my friend and I understand these problems that sexual relationships can cause, we are walking in faith to keep ourselves free from the bondage of sexual sin and are resolved to remain free by remaining single or by waiting until a suitable Christian spouse is found. Talk about crucifying the flesh!
But not only is this a spiritual war with our own desires, we also must be on guard about others who may cause us to go astray.
I had one friend who met a man on Christian mingle and they decided to be friends. So they got to know one another and spend time together. Although my friend tried to make it clear that she was only considered this man as a friend, he grew emotionally attached and ended up confessing his love for her. When she didn’t immediately reciprocate his feelings, he became angry, and their friendship has taken a break as he “figures himself out”. Although it was a “Christian site” that brought the two together, his faith has seemed to also suffer, or has been exposed as immature or false , as he has appeared to walk away from the church he was attending.
I had another friend who met another man on a “Christian dating site” who suddenly showed up at her church. They have decided to be friends and she is being clear in communicating her intention to not compromise and is looking for a committed relationship that would be consummated in marriage. The jury is still out on this situation, but I have advised my friend to be observant to see if this man’s “Christianity” is genuine, to see how long he will walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
Last night, I had dinner with a friend of the opposite sex who attends my discipleship class. We have been clear in our intentions to be friends, but my accountability partner advised me of the potential for trouble and of the possibility of how our meetings could be perceived as an unwholesome relationship and or a conflict of interest.
My accountability partner’s comments convicted me and afterwards I have restated my intentions for our friendship to be only that and that I will endeavor to be more conscious in my communications to not be “too familiar”. The other person thought I was over analyzing and assured me that I had been clear about our relationship but as someone who has a history of relationship dysfunction, I want to make sure that I’m sure!
Texting is an imperfect form of communication and can easily lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Although “heart emoji’s” are a simple way to relate that we “love” what someone is saying, or “love that”, we must be aware that they can easily be misinterpreted by oneself, or by the other person, to mean “I love you”.
As friends share, we can become attached, and lines can easily get blurred, so we must remain consistent and keep our communications and interactions within boundaries that are within the confines of Christian morality. As a person who tries to encourage people to live a life of Christian discipleship, I don’t want my communications to be misconstrued or for any of my conduct to be considered untoward.
As I contemplate all this and try to stay true to remain pure until marriage or until Jesus calls me home, I can only imagine what people must have said about Jesus and all the women disciples that He had.
Dan Brown’s, the author of the Davinci Code, speculations fictionally hypothesized that Christ and Mary Magdalene had children and the blood line of Christ had continued into the future.
Scripture in Luke 7: 36-50, gives the account of Christ having his feet washed with the tears and hair of a sinful woman and how it shocked the Pharisee that was hosting the dinner where the incident took place.
Jesus was a friend of sinners and loved His disciples to the end. For those on the outside looking in it may have looked like something funny was going on.
But scripture documents that although Christ was tempted in all ways, He did not sin.
As His disciples we have overcome the power of sin and death when we put our faith in Christ. We have been given the power to say no to sexual sin and can develop the fruit of the Spirit of self-control to establish and maintain victory in that area. We don’t have to give in to temptation and we can keep our relationships pure.
But we must recognize that we must be wise and clear in our communications and be above board in our conduct. We want to bear witness of the power of God in our life and we don’t want to hurt our testimony for Christ by falling into sin our by appearing to have questionable relationships.
So stay grounded in the truth of who you are in Christ by walking the walk as well as talking the talk of a Christian. Be careful of what you say, how you say it, and about the relationships you have. We don’t want the world to be concerned with “what’s going on with those two” unless they are talking about us and Jesus. So keep walking and talking with God and shine a light of pure righteousness with your words and actions to bring Him glory.
God Bless You All!
MT Clark of mt4Christ dot org and the mt4Christ247 podcast
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2021.09.18 13:34 Pizzaman57265 no sound in aoe2 de

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2021.09.18 13:34 Mshea0001 Top 100 D&D Tips According to Twitter Retweets

Since 2009 I've published more than three thousand D&D tips to Twitter. You can download the whole pile of them here. Each tweet sometime gets retweeted, sometimes a bunch of times.
The following is a list of the top 100 tweets ranked by retweet count with a few duplicates removed. Overall, I think it's a great list of D&D tips to help DMs run great games. Enjoy!
Top 100 D&D Tips It's common for DMs is to feel unprepared and nervous before the game and feel awesome during and afterwards. No matter how long you've been running games, that nervousness is always there. It'll be fine.
The DM doesn't tell the story. The DM facilitates the story that happens at the table.
If you have players fooled into thinking you're a good DM, you're a good DM.
Run simple adventures. Your players will make them complicated.
Set things on fire.
Keep some quick and loose encounter building guidelines in hand to improvise encounters at the general difficulty you have in mind.
Good villains think what they're doing is right. Great villains might actually BE right.
Remember that players are grasping about half of what you're describing.
Clarify when the characters have exhausted all the information they're going to get in a scene. "You're pretty sure you've learned everything you can here."
D&D is about sitting around a table laughing with your friends. That's the core of our game. Embrace it every session.
If players struggle with plans; restate the goal, clarify the options, let them in on details they may have missed.
Step away from the news. Grab a D&D sourcebook and escape to another world.
Keep character and NPC backgrounds light hearted. Not everyone needs to come from a slaughtered village or a bloody altar under a gnoll's knife. Sometimes they come from a family of sixteen.
Give players the information their characters would know. Their characters have a far greater understanding in the world than the players do.
Breathe deep. Your game will be fine.
Darkvision in full darkness means everything is in dim light and thus imposes disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and -5 to passive Perception. Torches are still important.
Remind the players of what their characters would certainly have remembered.
Warn characters when it looks like they're about to bite off more than they can chew. The players may not be getting the more subtle warning signs.
If the players come up with a better idea than the one you had, smile, wiggle your eyebrows, and pretend it was yours all along.
Assume the adventurers are smart, capable, and observant. Clarify what they might see that the players might not realize.
Need quick monster or NPC stats? Choose a challenge rating: AC / DC = 12 + 1/2 CR; Attack and primary saves = 3 + 1/2 CR; HP = 15 + 15 x CR; Damage = 5 + 5 x CR; Tweak to suit individual particularities.
Steal great ideas.
Its perfectly fine to play sub-optimally for the fun of the story and the pace of the game.
Pay careful attention to inter-character conflict so it doesn't bleed into inter-player conflict.
Layer your cultists. What secret does the inner circle keep from the outer circle? What's dark secret lies below the four elemental cults?
Be on the players' side.
Sit back and enjoy it when the players are talking strategies among one another. It means they're fully engaged in what is going on.
Give the players enough information to make more meaningful choices than left or right.
Give cool magic weapons. Don't be stingy.
End campaigns with a "one year later" montage in which each player participates. Warn them ahead of time so they can think about it.
When characters use encounter breaking spells or abilities, let them. You have an infinite number of monsters.
Give 1st level characters five extra hit points.
Write down the proficient skills of each character. Tug on those skills to bring the characters into the world.
Prepare the ingredients you need to cook the story at the table. Don't come to the table with the story already fully prepared.
Give magic items a name, a history, and a once-per-day spell effect to make them unique, powerful, and exciting.
Write down a strong start, three to five fantastic locations, and ten secrets the characters might discover and you're all set.
Ask for a player's intent when they start asking about the environment. Ask what they want to do and help them do it.
Take notes.
Build music playlists for relaxing, tense, and combat scenes to build the right atmosphere for the scene taking place. Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2, Pillars of Eternity, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Darkest Dungeon soundtracks are awesome.
What the villains would reasonably do may not be what's most fun for the group. Just as "that's what my character would do" is a BS excuse for players, "that's what my villains would do" is a BS excuse for DMs. A bad time is a bad time.
That feeling you have that you're not ready for your game and they're all going to laugh at you? We all feel that way and it's still bullshit. Carry on.
Ask your players regularly what they want for their characters. Write it down and drop it in when you can.
Ask players to describe their killing blow.
Build characters together.
Aim for six regular players and be willing to run with as few as three.
Assume characters act smartly; they see what players often do not.
Write out custom downtime activities for each character based on their own interests and backgrounds.
When in doubt, lean towards revealing too much.
Describe what spells look like.
Sometimes even dead villains have laid careful traps and plots for the characters.
Give villains magic items and be sure they use them.
Spend less time on Twitter and more time reading your source books.
Build the world from the characters outward.
Turn killing blows into decisive blows that give defeated bosses an opportunity to negotiate or offer interesting secrets.
Don't thwart a player's unexpected idea. Embrace it.
Review the players' character sheets, not to circumvent their abiltiies but to spotlight their specialities.
Let threads die if the players aren't following them.
Help your players out. They're probably lost about half the time.
Ensure your battles don't continually favor one type of character.
When a character counterspells your big boss's big spell, let them.
Two villainous groups seeking the same item in the same dungeon as the characters is a great way to make the whole dungeon come alive.
Run published adventures months after their release and capitalize off of the shared experiences of hundreds of other DMs who jumped on it early.
Looking for a more open and flexible framework for skill challenges? Check out Progress Clocks from Blades in the Dark.
Borrow liberally from other RPG products and stick their best pieces into your game.
Every few sessions ask players what they're enjoying about the campaign and what they'd like to see in future sessions.
Reskin spells to fit the flavor of the casters.
Give your players a home base. Let them customize it.
You can run multiple battles for a split party simultanously by running one initiative order and jumping back and forth between the two scenes as the init order rolls out.
Steal liberally from your favorite fiction.
Let players break out of a fear, stun, or charm by accepting a pile of psychic damage. Maybe 1d10 per CR of the effect.
Use single-use magic items to offer continual rewards without making your characters too powerful.
Are the players smiling? You're doing it right.
Reinforce that a character cannot adversely affect another character without their player's permission.
Turn named enemies into "legendary" versions by doubling their hit points and giving them legendary actions for single attacks or cantrips and resistances.
Work with the players, not against them.
Be wary of taking away the characters' stuff.
Explore other RPGs. Read them even if you don't play them.
Reuse and recycle NPCs so the characters maintain continuity with people they've already met.
Worry less about balancing challenge and draining resources and more about building fun situations the characters can navigate.
Prepare for characters to try to talk their way out of violent confrontations.
As anxious as we feel about running our next game, we can remember that we're with friends and all of us want to have a good time.
Offer advantage on attacks for those willing to perform a skill check to gain an advantageous position in combat. It's an easy mechanic for an infinite range of awesome flavorful situations and attacks.
Roll on random encounter tables not necessarily to show the characters what is there but to show them what HAD been there hours or days ago.
Take it easy on yourself. Your players want to have a fun time. You want to have a fun time. Breathe deeply and enjoy your escape to a new world.
Build trust with your players. You are not their adversary, you are there to make their characters do awesome things.
Level one is its own special game. It's far more dangerous and lethal than any other level in the game. Treat it accordingly.
Keep your descriptions in the fiction. Don't describe mechanics, describe the story behind them. "You take 8 damage" becomes "The orc's greatsword slashes across your thigh leaving a weeping wound. You take 8 damage."
Work with each player to build a secret for their character they hang onto throughout a campaign. Let them choose when and how to reveal it.
Don't make sausage in front of the players. Don't get into encounter design, challenge rating considerations, or what they WOULD have seen if circumstances had been different.
Immerse yourself in the fantastic. Play games, read books, watch great TV shows and movies, soak up fantasy artwork, read fantasy poetry; fill your brain with fantasy.
The main DM mechanic: choose a DC between 10 and 20.
Worry less about balanced encounters, encounters per day, and draining character resources. Build encounters naturally from the story and situation.
Monsters make mistakes. Don't be afraid to let the characters get the upper hand.
We get to choose whether to embrace fantasy with either childish wonder or adult cynicism. Open your eyes wide, smile, and be a kid again.
Prep one scene for every 30 to 45 minutes of gameplay.
Build situations, not plots or solutions. Let the players choose how to approach the challenges in front of them.
Failed Athletics check? Describe the searing pain that rips down from the side of one's neck to their lower back. A pain that will twinge them awake for three nights.
Low challenge battles are a great way for the characters to feel powerful and have opportunities to try other options.
End a session before a major battle so you have time to fully prepare it.
Give each town its own theme, flavor, and notable landmark.
Thanks to MT Black's top 50 D&D Tips for inspiring this post.
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So I have a racing on public roadway/exhibition of speed ticket and I'm thinking of going to school and getting certified to be a diesel mechanic. Will I still be able to get a job? I'm stressin
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En mis años debatiendo me he dado cuenta de que todo debate que busca la verdad termina en una paradoja de -posibilidades- como que la verdad es un termino medio difícil de medir.
Hasta el momento no me he encontrado gente que se haya dado cuenta de esto y busque ponerlo en firme en su vida del día a día.
¿Seria posible abrir un foro de debate con este fin, una discusión abierta en la que en la búsqueda de la verdad se definan tantos parámetros como sea posible en favor o en contra de una posición delimitando lo máximo posible la paradoja final?
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