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2021.09.18 11:53 matias2028 Warning about an user

An user called Jonny2284 has been bullying me a lot on the Arrowverse subreddit. He also accuses me of playing the victim when he's the one playing the victim. He's also been bullying me in another subreddits and I'm tired of this
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2021.09.18 11:53 SebaNic93 Kawai Shiba🔥 1 Day old💥 25k Marketcap, So early💎, BUSD reward token, Lottery jackpot every day 🎰, Own Dex launching soon🔥, Dashboard ready , BSC Gem💎 Don't miss the next 100x

Kawai Shiba is a generator of BUSD token. When you generated a lot of BUSD with Holding, you could stake them, so you will generate twice the amount!
All you have to do is to buy and hold Kawai Shiba tokens and you'll get BUSD tokens with every transaction!
The token will be launched with low liquidity - just like Baby Cake, and has a lot of place to grow (I heard easy 100x? NFA Tho).
Contract: 0x0a24646623a95248e6d9c153f2be6fef4b78d00d
💰 Supply - 100,000,000,000
🔥 30% burned (30,000,000,000)
🧇 67% (67,000,000,000) to be added to Pancakeswap
🧇 3% wallet - Marketing wallet, for future marketing.
Every transaction there will be fees as follows:
🧇 15% - Total fees.
🧇 8% - BUSD reward pool
🧇 3% - Liquidity fee
🧇 4% - Marketing + buyback functions
🌎 Website: https://kawaishiba.com
🌎 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kawai_shiba
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/KawaiShiba
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2021.09.18 11:53 peopleofarcadiabay First mushroom house

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2021.09.18 11:53 nanaconda5 How to not get annoyed and/or angry easily ?

Hello ! I sometimes realize that I react to things very easily. I don't watch the news but when I see an article of what is happening in my country or in the world, I tend to react negatively to it : I get annoyed, sometimes angry.
I remember hearing a quote from Sadhguru which was "If someone else can decide what's happening within you, isn't that the ultimate slavery ?" but I find it hard to apply on a daily basis.
Does anyone have any advice on how to stop reacting in a low vibrational way but more in an high vibrational way with love, empathy and compassion ? Thank you so much !
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2021.09.18 11:53 SuperLoKozmo How do i switch back on ironman

i accidentally switched characters after i was the 1st on a holy crusade
and i became my daughter
is there any way to switch back?
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2021.09.18 11:53 reddit_feed_bot Rebel News - Police are NOT THE REAL VICTIMS of the horrific violence today

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2021.09.18 11:53 Yash_076 💀

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2021.09.18 11:53 TazzaBoi How good is it for pvp

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2021.09.18 11:53 Robstrap Library of upscaled album covers in 5K (taking requests)

Got bored and decided to upscale a bunch of album covers that I like. If you want me to add anything you'd like just comment.
Heres the link to the drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13iV8jPDsR6Amjim08GXo4hxaWsAKGaMj?usp=sharing
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2021.09.18 11:53 Mr_Hunter456 I couldn't work out how to fasten my seatbelt

Then it clicked
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2021.09.18 11:53 dirkisgod [OFFER] BITSTAMP - Quick $30 total - $20 from them and $10 from me (Worldwide)

Bitspamp is one of the market’s oldest, largest, most trusted, and most reputable exchanges. It’s high security, in-depth trading tools, simplified buying process, and stability make it one of the most secure trading platforms.
They're rolling out a referral program where you get $20 for a $100 trade. This has paid out well before, so it's a really good offer.

You will get a $20 cash bonus when someone uses your referral link to open a new account and makes a trade for $100 or more.
Deposits, can be either crypto or fiat:
Short steps
  1. type $bid for invite link, I will message you
  2. deposit and trade for $100
  3. you'll get a $20 cash bonus
  4. i'll revolut/cashapp you $10
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2021.09.18 11:53 OldFingerman Always

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2021.09.18 11:53 NazumiOWO unfinished

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2021.09.18 11:53 WastedRoll Quick not really detailed beidou sketch i did at school...

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2021.09.18 11:53 horhaj MSI GP738RE Review for gaming

After 3 Years of use i can say that i turned fully around. I have liked a lot of features in it, and disliked others.
+ FAN system
+ Very good screen colors
+ Performance as expected
+ Not too loud when play games
- Weak resistance
- Had broke for me from side rotules
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2021.09.18 11:53 SomeCrazyGarbage Dan standing up for Will whenever someone takes Schoey's quotes out of context

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2021.09.18 11:53 mvdaytona Finished The Wire

I liked S5, but something just feels off.
First of all, in my opinion, S4 works better as an end to the series than S5. I understand that this show just doesn’t do stuff dramatically (D’s death) but the way Omar died was all of a sudden and abrupt. He started being sloppy which was clear, but I don’t think in any scenario he would’ve been as careless and reckless as he was in S5, ESPECIALLY after Butchie and Butchie’s friend got killed. All of a sudden he got killed by Kennard? Even D’s death had an aura around it where you knew something would happen but i think Omar’s death was done kinda badly honestly.
Is Michael becoming the new Omar? That’s the vibe i got from his last scene.
Idk, the end is bittersweet since it’s not a “happy ending” which I’m cool with, but I don’t get certain things and actions, Herc basically helping out Levy and Kima snitching? Also Avon not appearing at all?
While S5 is pretty good, some things don’t make sense and it feels rushed, based on certain decisions that ended up in the show
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2021.09.18 11:53 thomas2026 Criminal Mastermind Reset? Doomsday

So I am doing this with my friend because we have 100 mil etc and want a challenge.
We did the first 3 preps in a row, no issues there.
Then we chose Server farm, on Hard. Before we could even get in the Akula a message came up saying the challenge for Criminal Mastermind was reset.
What the hell? I changed sessions and checked my award progress and sure enough it was 0/29. But Loyalty 2 was still active at 3/29 progress.
Is it because we chose Server farm over the first setup mission? No warning ever came up that it would be reset..
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2021.09.18 11:53 dirrtyremixes John Tejada, Ulrich Krieger - Silversonic [PAL072]

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2021.09.18 11:53 Magnetic_dud Without pinned apps the start menu is so clean and productive...

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2021.09.18 11:53 CPhandom Do you think Odogaron could appear in the Old World?

I am asking cause it seems pretty tied to the Rotten Vale in the New World but I would really love to see it in Rise since it's such a good monster and it really fits the aesthetic in Rise imo
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2021.09.18 11:53 VTX666 "I had no idea" - I love Adam but man, this tells a lot...

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2021.09.18 11:53 Joeclu Multi-track recording app

Samsung use to have a good one but it was scrapped a while ago. Would prefer FOSS but would buy for a good one. Any suggestions? Would also prefer input from musicians who actually use it.
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2021.09.18 11:53 metal32man 34 male lit af looking to chat

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2021.09.18 11:53 Hecat0s Gardevoir 0749 9234 9621

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