A Moc I made Yesterday with one of my Favorite Barraki

2021.09.18 13:05 Lonely-Interaction74 A Moc I made Yesterday with one of my Favorite Barraki

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2021.09.18 13:05 imtolazylol MGK is gonna get face tats at some point

I mean his entire body is tattooed and literally every other artists that I know that is entirely tattooed has gotten face tats just sayin
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2021.09.18 13:05 Creepy-Sea-4594 How to changeing maps in VIP server ???

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2021.09.18 13:05 EestiMentioned [/r/Snus] What is the best snus to buy in estonia??

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2021.09.18 13:05 Rope_Unhappy Epoxy Resin Lamp with mini bricks - Resin Art - DIY

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2021.09.18 13:05 logiMan500 Banned Key how to active a new one?

Hello, My overwatch key was permanently banned. Now i bought a 2nd one. Do i have to create a new Battle.net account or is it enough to reinstall overwatch with the new key?
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2021.09.18 13:05 AvraPollock Lecce vs Alessandria | Serie B (Sep 18, 08:00AM ET)

WINNINGS ODDS Lecce When the odds are 0.5 the expected chance of winning is 67%, but this team actually wins 44% matches with these odds. Alessandria Currently there are no rating parameters
MATCH INFO Start time: Sep 18, 08:00AM ET Location: Lecce Venue: Via del Mare Round: 4 Competition: Serie B
Watch this stream: Link 1: https://reddit.soccerstreamlinks.com/detail-match/9671888 Link 2: https://reddit.soccerstreamshd.com/match/9671888 Link 3: https://reddit.soccerstreams.to/event/9671888 Link 4: https://totalsporteks.net/soccerstreams/event/9671888
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2021.09.18 13:05 DarkKingMGV Zhongli is a DPS. He is not just for support. {Stop it. Get some help}

Zhongli is a DPS. He is not just for support. {Stop it. Get some help} First of all, let me thank you guys for making this sub. Because even normal topics need eternity to be approved in main sub, and there might be a lot of people who downvote you just for bringing up a build argument.
Now to the main point:
Everywhere I go. Every single place, every site that suggests builds, team comps, weapons, artifacts, etc ... from the little one to the ones everyone uses, all of them say that Zhongli is a support character.
That Zhongli is just a Burst/Support damage dealer for shield debuff, or he can only be physical DPS.
But, I use him as Geo DPS, and I can clear floor 12 with 9 star with his damage.
Well, he can be build anyway players want, since he is actually a one man army and you can build him as Shield, Support, Sub-DPS, and DPS.
I totally agree with the facts that he can be a Burst/Support or Physical DPS, but, I never accept people saying Zhongli is good only on those two builds. So let me take you to a journey of ancient knowledge that I suffered so many fights and argues and hate to acquire:

Shield Zhongli: There are lots of builds for this. But his purpose in this build is to keep your party alive while putting elemental debuff on enemies.

Burst Support Zhongli: As the name implies, you don't want to use Zhongli as DPS, but you want his shield and you want the damage on his burst and petrification. So this is good for extra damage, specially on Geo main teams.

Shield/Burst Support: A Hybrid of both of the Shield and burst Damage which its purpose is clear.

Physical DPS Zhongli: A Zhongli build over physical damage. He is very powerful against boss enemies or boss fights, or when there are not a crowd of enemies.
Although I have to admit that I never tried Physical DPS Zhongli and I think it shouldn't be a build for Zhongli considering his constellations. But I respect that and anyone can build Zhongli however they want.

Geo DPS Zhongli: This is my build and I'm a Zhongli main.
Here's some of my videos about my gameplay from long ago and some recent times, if you want to see my build before all the explanations: {Although my artifacts are not complete in the first chill video}

This is a build that can only be refined to perfection with his constellations.
The reason that this build is underrated despite being OP is exactly because of Constellations. It's not so popular because players just want Zhongli for shield and not DPS, and they usually don't put primogems into his constellations when they can have a Physical Build.
The Physical DPS Zhongli is build for Physical damage. So, Zhongli's constellations doesn't help with that build at all.
His first constellation gives an extra Stone Stele, which doesn't help his physical DPS, only his Geo DPS.
His second constellation gives a shield to all party members when the meteorite descends, so it might help to keep up the resistance debuff, but it's not that big of a deal in a Physical build.
His third constellation increases the Geo Damage an shield strength of his elemental skill.
His fourth also doesn't help, his fifth also doesn't help with Physical damage. And his sixth is a healer.

BUT, for someone who is maining Zhongli with a lot of constellations, a Geo DPS build is the cash. Like myself.
Geo DPS Zhongli is not good in boss fights compared to Physical DPS Zhongli; but he is absolutely amazing in mobs and mini-boss fights.
I give you my Zhongli build and how I use him: Although his elemental burst deals a lot of damage, his elemental skill deals 2 times that damage.
I have PJWS on Zhongli and C3, and he deals 100K damage on burst. 110K in 12-3 without any Bennett buff an only Geo resonance.
When paired with Geo traveler, he can put down 2 pillars, 1 extra from Geo traveler and 2 extra from Geo traveler elemental burst spikes.
It gives you:
2 + 2 (1 + 2) = 8 resonances

My Zhongli can deal 6K on every pulse of pillar.
8 * 6K = 48K damage every two seconds at ideal condition.
His burst has a 12 seconds CD.
So, 6 pulses until his burst charges up.
6 * 48K damage = 288K damage.
His burst deals 100K, while his elemental skill deals around 300K damage at C3.
His first constellation not only increase his damage by a lot, it gives him more option to shield up.
But, if you want to shield up, the CD of his elemental skill will be much higher, and then if enemy escape his resonance prison, you have no time to put down pillars again and your DPS will drop.
BOOM. Second constellation, it gives you a shield without even trying to use elemental skill, and it is so frequent. Also constant resistance debuff of the enemies.
His C2 gives you absolute freedom over strategizing your pillar placement and smooth DPS utility.
His third constellation gives more damage to his elemental skill which is his main source of damage and also strengthen his shield even more, giving more debuff to enemies and constant immunity.
His fourth constellation makes enemies to stay more petrified, so his elemental skill geo construct prison can deal even more damage to enemies and it increases his AoE.
His fifth Con is also more damage.
His C6 = Healer
His cons are the most crucial for his DPS.
He is a one man army, capable in every situation.
My Zhongli + Geo MC + Chongyuin + Xingqiu team has a 30 seconds clear time in 12 chamber 3, first half. And in current floor 11, I never even felt anything on 11-3 against Geo Vishaps, and 11-1 and 11-2 were much intense for me.
Although on 11 I brought Qiqi in Zhongli team for healing.
If you want me to give you a percentage calculation as well, without taking enemy DEF, RES and such, since it is different for each enemy:
Zhongli's pillars stays on the field for 30 seconds, a total number of 14 resonances.
He can deal 2 elemental burst damage in that time.
So, his elemental burst damage will be like this, at level 10, with C2:
2 * 900 = 1800% Geo Damage
Now, his elemental skill, considering the most optimistic scenario when you can deal 8 resonances to enemies, specially way easier against big enemies like Ruin Guards and mini-bosses like Geovishaps or Abyss Heralds:
Every Resonance damage at level 10: 57.6%
With 3 Geo Constructs {Geo MC Meteorite Rock + Side Spikes of Burst} at C2 Zhongli: 8 resonances every 2 seconds
8 * 57.6 = 460.8% damage every resonance
A total number of 14 resonances before the Stele disappears:
14 * 460.8 = 6451.2% damage

So, although his burst can deal 1800% Damage in 30 seconds, his elemental skill can deal 6451% damage with Geo Constructs. And that's only C2.
So, his elemental skill can deal 3.5 times more damage than his burst.
Zhongli also gets more damage for burst and stone stele based on his Max HP, so if you consider those huge numbers as well which can Crit, he can actually deal 4 times the damage on his stone stele compared to burst.
So, why did I say that his stone stele only deals 2 times the damage of his burst?!. Since these scenarios might happen:
  1. Enemy is not hit by all 8 resonances.
  2. Enemy might escape the prison. {Not happening with his fourth constellation ;) }
  3. Enemy might destroy Geo Constructs like the Kuragi in floor 12. That was so annoying in previous Abyss where you had to fight both of them and kill them before they heal while they could destroy my Steles. Still I had a 1 minute clear time in that. The real pain was the mirror maiden with her health + electro cicin.
  4. Sometimes you might misplace a stele or something.
  5. The Crit Rate treats stele damage way worse than his burst. Although Paired with Geo MC, he gets 10% Extra Crit Rate by standing inside the circle of the Wake of Earth.
So, although his stone stele can deal 4 times the damage of burst, with extra damage based on Max HP and shield debuff which makes the gap even much higher, I'd say considering the conditions above, you can get around 2 times the damage of burst in his stone stele and geo constructs.
No against enemies like Ruin Guards or Abyss heralds or Geovishaps, Lawchurls, etc, those are easy peasy with Geo DPS Zhongli.
On top of that, you can also add his Physical damage further increased by his Max HP.
So, the thing that Zhongli is not a DPS is wrong. It's just that people don't invest much on his Constellations, and with a C0 Zhongli, the best they can go with is Support or Physical DPS.
There are way less Geo DPS Zhongli users like me, so the Idea is not bad, it's OP, but scarce.
My build and suggestions: I use PJWS. Weapons for DPS build:
  1. Primordial Jade-Winged Spear {Supa Hard to build Crit Rate on ...}
  2. Staff Of Homa {Zhongli is made to shield damage, so most of the times you can't use the second part of Staff of Homa's passive talent, which requires HP under 50%. If you can, then it's pretty good. But it takes away too much of your attention from the fight to keep your Zhongli under 50% HP}
  3. Vortex Vanquisher {How I Wished This Was Number 1 }
  4. Blackcliff Pole {Building Zhongli's Crit Damage is pretty easy, and crit rate easily achievable by artifacts. 36% extra attack for crowd control Zhongli. Read the description of the weapon}
  5. Death Match {not F2P friendly. Still Blackcliff Pole is better for Crowd Control I guess}
  6. The Catch
  7. Skyward Spine {This is a five star, but DPS Zhongli is pared with a good Geo character, so they support each other's energy recharge, so more damage instead of energy recharge on Blackcliff Pole ... which is also refinable. Still your choice, do the math yourself}
  8. Starglitter {Previously the beautiful name of Grudge. If you want DPS Zhongli, don't even think about this spear or other craftable spears}
  9. Wait for next version updates.

Artifacts for Geo DPS: 2 Piece Gladiator, 2 Piece Archaic Petra {90% Geo Damage Bonus}

Trainings: You can train in Abyss to reach the maximum efficiency. Like, you don't want to put a pillar on top of another and make the second one disappear, or put in on one of the Geo MC's elemental burst spikes, or in a way that makes enemies go up on top of geo MC's meteorite.
For his normal attack and overall practice, put a pillar down, then do this around it:
go up to when he kicks his spear, then use the charged attack, dash around, do the same attacks until he kicks his spear, charge, dash.
I did this training in 1.1 a lot of times to master him.

I hope you liked my topic, and I always make these kind of topic so that the thought of DPS Zhongli stays alive, and to never see a genshin site posts about Zhongli builds saying he is only good for support and Physical DPS, no offence to either builds.
When they buffed Zhongli, they added Geo shield strength, and then debuff of his shield, furthermore increasing his Stone Stele damage based on his Max HP and giving buff to Goe Elemental Resonance. These are all directed onto his Geo Damage as well, so a Geo DPS was what Mihoyo was aiming for.

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2021.09.18 13:05 heinaga1989 👾 Calypso - **Special NFT Market_Place launching | Retro NFT Game around Custom NFT’s| Doxxed Devs | Passive bnb Income | White List For PreSale Is Live| PRESALE on Monday!**

The secret of NFTs is out of the bag. Punks are selling for huge prices and Bored Apes are taking over social media.
So if you want to get involved but don’t know how, what can you do?
Check out Calypso!
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Now the developers are aiming to revolutionize the NFT market.
Here are some of the key features.

The Current Nft market place’s don’t have the feature of swapping Nft’s, Calypso’s NFT marketplace will give you the opportunity to not only sell to buyers but also swap your Nft’s for another NFt if both sellers agree to the swap. This gives you more than one way to sell your NFT.
***It will be finalized and launched in about 10 days.
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As well as having the chance to earn BNB prizes, as a Calypso holder you’ll earn passive BNB dividends no matter how many tokens you hold.
The market is being designed around user experience. It’s being built with a retro theme and promises low fees for sellers.
The dev team are fully doxxed with prior Crypto success. This isn’t a project that’s going to get rugged.
The market is supported by an exclusive Calypso community. The community already has more than 5k members and is growing by the day. In the community, you’ll be the first to hear Calypso updates and you can also chat directly with the dev team.
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Join the Telegram group and be the first to hear about Calypso updates.
Strap in diamond hands, this rocket’s ready for launch.
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2021.09.18 13:05 Hawkeydonkey In my opinion, Black Widow has one of the best opening scenes and a great theme song (and in my opinion it‘s a great movie)

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2021.09.18 13:05 JoseSuarez [PLAY] So, I finally played with the orchestra and it went alright!

I posted my sensations after the first rehearsal last week and you guys told me you'd like to hear the final product. I hope you enjoy and, uh, ignore the cringe dancers. I'm not the guy with the free fire mask btw, I'm the dude at the very end of the video :)
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2021.09.18 13:05 12_thingsofmilk Alright can we please talk about Adam's poem?!!

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2021.09.18 13:05 Series7Guru Seems like we have a surprising number of our members matriculating to the Series 24. Feel free to enroll in my Kaplan Series 24 classes. Guru10 is the 10% discount code at check out. I highly recommend both Schwab's and Rickett's memoirs to all Series 24s.

Seems like we have a surprising number of our members matriculating to the Series 24. Feel free to enroll in my Kaplan Series 24 classes. Guru10 is the 10% discount code at check out. I highly recommend both Schwab's and Rickett's memoirs to all Series 24s. submitted by Series7Guru to Series7 [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 13:05 AvraPollock Ascoli vs Benevento | Serie B (Sep 18, 08:00AM ET)

WINNINGS ODDS Ascoli When the odds are 2 the expected chance of winning is 33%, but this team actually wins 33% matches with these odds. Benevento When the odds are 1.38 the expected chance of winning is 42%, but this team actually wins 64% matches with these odds.
MATCH INFO Start time: Sep 18, 08:00AM ET Location: Ascoli Piceno Venue: Cino e Lillo Del Duca Round: 4 Competition: Serie B
Watch this stream: Link 1: https://reddit.soccerstreamlinks.com/detail-match/9671881 Link 2: https://reddit.soccerstreamshd.com/match/9671881 Link 3: https://reddit.soccerstreams.to/event/9671881 Link 4: https://totalsporteks.net/soccerstreams/event/9671881
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2021.09.18 13:05 Heyuonthewall26 What a spectacular show! This is my second time seeing them and they did not disappoint. Also have some videos too.

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2021.09.18 13:05 techexpertsforall Logic in Programming

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2021.09.18 13:05 ckkuban У нас масочный! Голосовал кто? Кто, кто? "Конь в пальто!"

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2021.09.18 13:05 Erilarx Game composer looking for work! :D [$50-$75 a track] (FLEXIBLE!)

Helloooo! I am Kai, a 17 year old game composer from the US. I am looking to compose music for some amazing games and create a lot of fun memories with folks! I'm no sort of a professional but I like to believe I have a touch I could bring to your game's unique world.
I am quite flexible in genre although I lean a lot towards calmer music.
Here's my portfolio playlist as of now: https://soundcloud.com/user-64990246/sets/proud-shit
You can reach me through message here or on Discord at tor#2641
I look forward to talking with you :D
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2021.09.18 13:05 sonaldas110 Monthly ‘Buy Bitcoin’ searches online hits 241k, 3x more than ‘Buy Gold’

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2021.09.18 13:05 tamsui_tosspot What do you regard as the "poor man's" version of something/someone more popular or widely accepted?

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2021.09.18 13:05 Veronica_Darkness Help me solve the problem!

Hello! Why don't I have the "Necromancer" class? Why don't I have "Extra Character Cell"? My friend bought the game on Steam ( includes The Elder Scrolls Online base game, Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, and Morrowind Chapters ) He has the "Necromancer" class and 9 character cells. I bought the same thing, but in the game for Crowns. And I have no Necromancer class and only 8 character cells. Is this a bug? If so, I would like you to provide me with this, please. If it's not a bug, can you tell me why I don't have that? And what should I have bought then?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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2021.09.18 13:05 SafemoonBaboon Do you think we will be able to mine Safemoon in the future?

View Poll
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2021.09.18 13:05 Capital-Ad-3803 Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries

Am I the only one who thinks Lydia and Bonnie had a lot of similarities supernatural-wise?
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2021.09.18 13:05 West-Notice3753 Orochimaru god tree possession

Hey I know orochimaru supposedly “got rid of” the artificial chakra tree that victor created but to me it looked as if he just melted it.. I was thinking was it possible that he took some of that liquid for his own experiments? A chakra fruit was budding and everything on there so orochimaru might have something real good brewing lol
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2021.09.18 13:05 DavYMLB Best way to find LAD Scherzer '21??

I have a Dodgers S Set Deck (diamond S, ovr 111). I absolutely want LAD Scherzer '21. In your opinion, what's the best way to find it? I'm opening all the live player packs and keeping the TS premium / diamond packs for next season (if I'm not mistaken, I can't find a live player with those and even if he will not renew I might find this season's card) . Thx!!!
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