Special Event

2021.10.20 22:21 mdelao17 Special Event

I noticed signs on University, El Cajon, and 30th saying roads will be blocked for a special event on the 24th. Anyone know what the event is?
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2021.10.20 22:21 teemo03 Bowmazon with Mavinas set or wizendraw

So I know it's less damage than javazon but just for frozen arrow or possibility strafe, and say you have mavinas also, would you use wizendraw or mavinas and frozen arrow with both of them or strafe on mavinas?
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2021.10.20 22:21 Terminator_Conn God Fucking Tier!

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2021.10.20 22:21 bigboibogai guys I found it, the twin of amirite

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2021.10.20 22:21 vibgyor1111 Buy ammo at gun show?

So I just bought my first AR, an IWI Zion pistol. My hometown in SC has a gun show in town this weekend, and thinking of going to look for 5.56 ammo. Any words of advice or tips? Is it a good idea? LGS aren't showing any available online. TIA
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2021.10.20 22:21 HairyJav Should We Send Steve Bruce a Card?

Also: does anyone know who Matz Sels is?
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2021.10.20 22:21 TheRealOne4769 Just found out how to label a point.

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2021.10.20 22:21 Wraplok How To Properly Indicate Character casting a spell

I'm writing a story and where I'm at. She is casting a major spell to bind two souls into one body.
I was trying to look up words in Medieval times that mean binding. However I had no luck finding anything. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.20 22:21 Icy_Fly1928 Leon is best! F4f dead by daylight

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2021.10.20 22:21 Man_Bear_Gator Tiagra 4400 - Wide Range RD Pull Ratio Compatibility Questions

Hello Bikewrench.
I've got a circa 2001 Cannondale road bike equipped with 9-Speed Tiagra 4400 all-around. Shifters, RD, Triple FD, and Hubs.
The nub on the FD that maintains spring tensions is broken, and I'm considering different paths outside of just replacing the FD.
A thought that crossed my mind was adding a wide range RD and converting to 1x.
Are the pull ratios on the SunRace RDM900 compatible with the Tiagra 4400 brifters?
The SunRace RDM900 are out of stock everywhere I look, can anyone else suggest a high capacity 9-speed RD that's compatible with the 4400 brifters?
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2021.10.20 22:21 rookie21290 Cobie Smulders vs Kainat Arora

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2021.10.20 22:21 TwoThirdsDone How to use ds4 on PC using a wireless adapter

I want to play horizon 4 on my pc using my ds4 controller but using a wire keeps disconnecting, i got a Bluetooth adapter to use the controller wirelessly but after connecting forza doesnt recognize that a controller is connectedl. Is there a way to get this to work?
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2021.10.20 22:21 Delusion2k21 Algorithm is on some bs

Just started driving for UbeLyft 2 weeks ago, realized the Lyft app algorithm must be smoking some good shi... last week it was 10 min pickup times, this morning it had me trying to drive 15 min, 18 min, 20 min to pickup from where I was parked.....3 cities over! I deleted my Lyft app and am just driving for Uber now. Anyone have similar issues? I heard if you don't sign in for a while Lyft will send emails with heavy bonus offers like $100 for 3 rides or $1000 for 50?
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2021.10.20 22:21 mstaylorb95 Heart Break

Last night my bf punched me in my breast while apparently still sleep yet grabbing me saying come here my love and other pet names. I asked him to leave bc I was freaked out. He was very upset. Today my heart is hurting so bad bc this has happened. Normally he talks in his sleep. I don’t know what to expect I am hurting and I love him so much. But scared. I think he has REM sleep disorder. Anyone dealt with this before?
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2021.10.20 22:21 DrSalami007 What is this bug found in my apt in NYC, it runs fast

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2021.10.20 22:21 SlappedHam98 Think about it

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2021.10.20 22:21 kyoumokawaii [MusicWatch] GETCHA! (Cover) - Hoshimachi Suisei / Mori Calliope [9M Views] (128 Days)

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2021.10.20 22:21 SteamySioux Dick out here on front page news

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2021.10.20 22:21 Responsible-Ball5950 Should I Complain to TCGPlayer?

Hey everyone,
Hope it's okay for me to post in here. To make a long story short, I purchased a small package of trading cards (maybe $10 worth) a couple weeks ago on TCGPlayer. As many of you are probably aware, COVID has caused an extended delay in shipping, 12-15 business days. The vendor I purchased my package from included a tracking number, but because of the extended delays in shipping, I really didn't check it until the last day. Turns out the package was delivered to a completely different address in a completely different State about a week and a half ago. I reached out to the vendor to let them know of the mix-up, asking either for a refund or to have my order completed. The vendor simply said " here is the missing package number for usps" and left me the Service Request Number.
I have no clue where on the USPS website to input the SRN, and even then, I feel like this isn't a problem the USPS can solve, since the package has already been "delivered" and is no longer in their hands. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something before I reach out again to the vendor or customer support?
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2021.10.20 22:21 Diligent-Low2695 My math app keeps sending this to me...it kinda weird and creepy ngl

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2021.10.20 22:21 gamethread-scraper Match Thread: Colorado Rapids vs Seattle Sounders FC | Major League Soccer (x-post /r/MLS)

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2021.10.20 22:21 pooosock Carbon steel grey appreciation post

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2021.10.20 22:21 tonyiommi70 Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler Explains Why He Never Swears

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2021.10.20 22:21 SellTheDipGuy You could get sim card hacked

Dont believe their crap about setting a high security password. It doesnt work and if you got sim hacked once it will happen again. They will assure you that the high security password is your salvation and its impossible for anyone else to access your account. Its a lie. Its happened to me multiple times now. I bought their BS after the first time and it didnt work and I got hacked again. They have no answers and no concern, they play dumb. I know there is no way they are as dumb as they try to act on the phone. I believe there could be employees hacking into the high security password information somehow. Dont be the next me.
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2021.10.20 22:21 AffectionateDrama856 Just found this beauty and I’m so excited.

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