As vantagens de ficar no mesmo lugar)

2021.10.20 21:58 bs-gambiarra As vantagens de ficar no mesmo lugar)

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2021.10.20 21:58 AndTails Jesse and James as Sonic characters! (Artist: MistressAinley)

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2021.10.20 21:58 thatguykiann Join the TEE∏ 17- Discord Server!

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2021.10.20 21:58 ham_borger Season pass doesn't recognize Mediah questline as complete

Since support doesn't wanna help me I figured I would ask here.
I finished the Mediah questline on my season character (manually not skipped) but the black spirit doesn't have any chat options available. I looked this issue up online and someone said that running the Mediah questline again on a non-season character would fix it and allow my season character to speak to the black spirit, but that didn't work. Is there any other fix or am I just cucked.
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2021.10.20 21:58 Substantial_Crab_885 Lf a certain pokemon

Hello I'm looking for a friend safari that if either Frogadier or Froakie. My code is 0920-4821-2363
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2021.10.20 21:58 Zestyiguana Weakling challenge

Met up with some players from my previous groups, and asked what they’d like to see in the next 5e campaign I run. They each came in with a few ideas, and voted on them. I let them decide, sort of a way to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. They decided on an “anti-min-max” campaign. They all make the worst possible characters with horrible mismatched stats. Wizard with crazy strength, shy bard with social anxiety, etc.. I love the idea, and I already have a few things I could do to make this work, but I’d appreciate any tips on how to make this sort of thing run smoothly. Different ways to run encounters, tips on handling magic items, things like that. They’ll be starting at level one, with checkpoint based leveling.
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2021.10.20 21:58 Random_Username1701 So... when are we gonna strike for $15???

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2021.10.20 21:58 BlankVerse DeSantis pushes back against federal effort to combat threats against school officials, staff

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2021.10.20 21:58 Glass_Power_8335 My cat

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2021.10.20 21:58 Brilliant_Half_3351 My hippy High Elf character!

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2021.10.20 21:58 ArmedTheseus Do I have to pay back my early move in if I quit the job?

Title, I work at the dining hall, got a job somewhere else and don't want to work both. I don't think they could retroactively charge me but it's 230 dollars so I want to make sure.
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2021.10.20 21:58 Big-Mycologist405 Overwhelmed with 6 - pleaae help

I've only played primal and 5.
In 6 there are so many collectibles and materials. I dont want to have to scout every single location for mediciine (which does heal me(?)) apparently it's a crafting tool.
That, and having all the weapons, unlocks, and missions thrown at me, makes it an overwhelming experience. Can you please advise me?
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2021.10.20 21:58 fuckit2472 Can I get a quick second opinion on if I have ringworm?

21, Male, 135lbs.
Two weeks ago I got out of the shower and my inner thigh was itchy so I was scratching it without thinking, I eventually looked at the spot and there was a small circle of red, dry, flakey skin. I have had minor skin problems all my life, especially dry skin on my thighs and was actively scratching it before I looked so I didn’t think much of it.
Today, I was in the shower and remembered, it hasn’t itched since that day two weeks ago but I checked and there was a much larger red circle with flakey skin about bigger than a quarter. It is in a hard to see spot for me so I didn’t notice it grow. It is very slightly raised but no heads, puss, or lumps.
I went to urgent care and they instantly said ring worm. I got the cream and applied it but I have been very quickly misdiagnosed by urgent care before and would like a second opinion. I can’t post pictures here but could PM a picture. Thank you.
(More info)
Thinking about ways I could have contracted ringworm, I spend 3 days salmon fishing in waders that I got super super hot and sweaty in. The river I was in is a polluted tributary of lake Ontario, and the thousands of salmon running up the river are at the end of their life and actually dying and decaying. I didn’t catch any fish or touch any but I had my hands in the water tons and could have easily scratched my leg. The initial circle-rash was noticed when I got out of the shower after fishing on the third day.
Also, this is a throwaway account because I don’t post anything personal on my regular account.
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2021.10.20 21:58 Spoon-Pap Fallout 3 Post Patch Not Working

I’m sure there has been multiple posts about this already but I really do not know what to do at this rate. After the patch come through I have not been able to launch the game. I tried getting the FO3 patcher mod along with the FOSE mod. I deleted windows live stuff. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. If it is just impossible I can accept that I guess but I’d appreciate any help someone might be able to give.
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2021.10.20 21:58 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy 3x Short XRP Token (XRPBEAR) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.20 21:58 Kamryn1147 Ziggy still in labor

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2021.10.20 21:58 Simoyaya Does anybody know where I can find a leather jacket like this?

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2021.10.20 21:58 Shiitakia I drew more young Luigi!

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2021.10.20 21:58 CharleyMoffett Dallas Cowboys Offense - The Best 5? Collins, Steele, Williams? What to...

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2021.10.20 21:58 BurtHurtmanHurtz That's one way to make an entrance

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2021.10.20 21:58 sheakspeares People of internet, what’s the name of the cat in Garfield movies?

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2021.10.20 21:58 Leftlightreftright What does Matt say around 20:00?
I'm pretty sure he says "We're gonna bring back the Lira" as in the Turkish lira. However, the Turkish economy wasn't THAT bad around 2013? Help me out plz
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2021.10.20 21:58 Ok_Sea_9076 PS4 Lvl 40 Perim Lock need squad for park ASAP

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2021.10.20 21:58 Waldonville Gates Foundation Pledges $120 Million to Help Get Covid Pills Quickly to Poor Countries

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2021.10.20 21:58 SprinklesLover [F4A] Legend of Korra

Hey all! I’m in search of people who would enjoy doing role play with Legend of Korra. I’m extremely interested in seeing the Ocs that people have for the fandom, and one of my favorite ways to do so is to RP alongside another OC. I currently write my air bending OC, the child of Tenzin and Pema, as I liked the idea of having an airbender on the team.
Anyways! For the RP information; I would love to double up on ships but we can do all things platonic if you would prefer. I would rather use ocs, but it’s not a necessity for me. As for prompt, I love the concept of taking the ocs and putting them into the show themselves. I usually will do this by adding them to the series, specifical starting at the beginning of the show, with some certain concepts that don’t drastically change things. I would not mind an OC paired with a character already in a canon pairing so long as we can come up with a way to work around it in the show. So, if you’d be interested in an RP based around Legend of Korra, feel free to send me a DM!
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