where is this kid now?

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2021.11.28 14:25 Willing-Ad55 where is this kid now?

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2021.11.28 14:25 G0B1GR3D Charles Barkley is clearly a degen taking us

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2021.11.28 14:25 thehorizon1087 The future looks bright

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2021.11.28 14:25 Crazysilver03 The new Technique Sajin

Somehow managed to get him today off a 5* ticket bought from the Brave Souls coin shop. Didn't even realize he was the new one until I awakened him and was only doing that because I saw he is useful in the new ER.
What makes this unit so good? How should I use him? I can immediately link level him to 15/15/15. Is it worth doing that? What would be the best Transcendence boost to give him?
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2021.11.28 14:25 King_MFS Haven't posted here in a bit, but I think this is one some of you may find fun!

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2021.11.28 14:25 seekthydarkness Magic Medicine: A Trip Through the Intoxicating History and Modern-Day Use of Psychedelic Plants and Substances.

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2021.11.28 14:25 QuirkyMeStopMotion Funny clay figure attempting weight lifting :)

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2021.11.28 14:25 xetaril Blursed_Homies

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2021.11.28 14:25 hasikatzen How do I flirt with gay guys?

Hello, I have been in the closet till this year when I became 21 now I have noticed how weird it is to flirt with gay guys, it’s like I have no idea how to do it and I just really wanna find a top so bad. I tried grindr but even there I am an ugly awkward mess but Grindr is a lot about sex and that’s not really what I’m aiming for.
Also I apologize if this sounds offensive like I said I was straight for long and socially I am really awkward that coupled with my bad English sometimes make me sound the wrong way.
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2021.11.28 14:25 fatboyssb123 One way to capture the flag

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2021.11.28 14:25 JustGavinBennett This Should Be A Skin For The Clash Cola Machine

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2021.11.28 14:25 AlexBusso Is there an ACTUAL subreddit for gay teens or young adults?

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2021.11.28 14:25 shinra-- My newest OC Ace. Criticism is welcome please be nice about it thank you :)

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2021.11.28 14:25 Altruistic-Broccoli4 The promising future of NFTs

(1/147) #nftart #NFT #NFTs #NFTCommmunity #nftrevolution #lazylions #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews #RightClickVictim #RightClickProtection #rightclicksave #ETH #etherium #Bitcoin #dogelon #SHIB #shibainu Alright, it's time to talk about the promising future of NFTs because you
(2/147) know what? I'm tired. I have been browsing Twitter for the past couple days, looking at the NFT landscape and economics. I have seen many people promising money for everyone, so I bought an NFT for 186k dollars. I had to take a loan, but eventually someone will buy it
(3/147) for 500k, so of course it's worth it! But now I have found the other side of NFTs. There are many good for nothing villains out there saying that it's a bubble without understanding how they work. So many people who are jealous of the success of NFTs, and find joy in
(4/147) screenshotting, right click and saving, or whatever form of stealing NFTs they can find. And not only am I now a #Rightclickvictim, but even my wife is against me. She left to live with her parents, and she has been talking about custody of our two children. I can't
(5/147) believe this. The love of my life may actually be thinking about divorcing me because she can not understand the business of the future. I tried to explain it to her, it's not just an image, it's an investment. I buy it for 186k, someone else buys it from me for 500k.
(6/147) The previous owner gets money, and the next owner will also get money when someone else buys it for a higher price. But she doesn't understand, this is NOTHING like the tulip mania. If you actually understood what you are talking about, maybe you would see the
(7/147) differences. But she doesn't care. All she's thinking about is divorcing me and getting custody of our children because of my "shitty financial decisions". She doesn't understand that it's not a joke, this is a real investment, just as valid as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla,
(8/147) and whatever other companies Wall Street is dealing with. You buy stock, then someone else buys the stock for a higher price. Simple. But NFTs are even better, because they are NON FUNGIBLE tokens. Stocks are all the same, it doesn't matter which ones you have, but NFTs
(9/147) are the future because they are ALL UNIQUE. They can have artistic value, sentimental value, historic value, etc that normal stocks or currencies can not. Jealous people seem to enjoy turning us NFT bros into #RightClickVictim s, but I WILL NOT stand for this. I will
(10/147) show my wife how wrong she is, thinking it's right to divorce me for buying an NFT for 186k. Mark my words, for this is not the end of NFTs, but the beginning. A new era of currency, where we will NOT be oppressed by the government, and there will be no poor people. I
(11/147) may be at a low point in my life, my wife may be trying to divorce me, and it is possible I will lose custody of my children, but I DON'T CARE. This is nothing but a small valley right before the Everest of my life, the absolute peak of human achievement. One of the
(12/147) first trillionaires in history, preceded only by other fellow NFTbros. Because I have a plan to make NFTs the supreme currency. An infallible plan that will make history, in the same way that people like Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein did. After all,
(13/147) there is no difference between insanity and genius in the eyes of the common man. Maybe NFTs are ahead of their time. That's ok, even if my previously happy life with my wife and children might be gone, I am determined to see this through to the end. The fifth
(14/147) industrial revolution, the #NFTrevolution, where we will finally see #nftjustice. GONE are the days of being subjected to a 9 to 5 job under shitty bosses and management, GONE are the days of being told what to do over and over, knowing that if I speak up I will be
(15/147) replaced in the blink of an eye, and soon, GONE will be the days of poverty and world hunger. Look at yourself, are you happy with who you are? Are you happy living for work, living with barely enough money? Look at your surroundings, there are people even less
(16/147) fortunate than you EVERYWHERE. NFTs can solve that problem forever! Don't you see? Just for a few laughs on the internet you steal NFTs, at the cost of the future of humanity. Millions of years of evolution have led to this point, millions of years of unfairness, the
(17/147) law of the strongest an IMMEASURABLE amount of blood shed, all for this very time in history. #NFTartists and owners will spearhead the next era of humanity, where we can finally be free of everything that made humans hopeless. We can fix it ONCE AND FOR ALL, but you
(18/147) are making it harder. Please, reconsider your actions, even if you don't believe in NFTs. You are actively trying to stop humanity from reaching the next step, the necessary step for our salvation. This planet is being destroyed by climate change. NFTs CAN SOLVE IT.
(19/147) Once everyone embraces NFTs and there is no poverty, we can all solve climate change TOGETHER. What is so hard to understand? This is not a get rich quick scam, it's a way of life, a movement that will change society as we know it. And you may be wondering about my
(20/147) plan. How am I going to change humanity? How am I going to make everyone embrace NFTs? How am I going to enforce anti right click and anti screenshot? How am I going to bring #nftjustice and #nftprotection to the world? Well, I am so glad you asked. NFTs are very big
(21/147) right now, nobody can deny that. However, they have so much more potential it's incredible. Words can not explain the sheer size NFTs can take, they are nothing but a drop in the massive ocean that they will eventually be. So while right now we have some millionaires
(22/147) here and there, eventually millionaires will be the norm, with a bunch of billionaires and a few trillionaires. We need to get to that point, so for now just keep trading NFTs. Buy an NFT, then sell it for more money. Simple, you just got a profit and created more money
(23/147) in the process. When I sell my 186k NFT for 500k, I will have made a profit of 314k, creating that much money, and adding to the wealth of all NFTbros. The more money we earn, the more money we can spend on NFTs, and the more money we can create. Keep trading, just
(24/147) keep trading over and over and over, make the movement bigger, get it to unimaginable heights, until it surpasses even the US dollar itself. In a few years, after that is done, we can stop and make strategies about how to take over the world. Raise money from all NFT
(25/147) bros, we shall all contribute towards the greater cause. Make a big pool of ethereum and NFTs, and use it to buy the biggest governments in the world: the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, India, Japan, the UK, Canada, Australia, you get the point. Of
(26/147) course, we are not going to own the entire government, the point is to act in the shadows, like the feared Illuminati. Take control of what laws are created and removed, manipulate big organizations, put NFTbros in positions of power of big companies like Google,
(27/147) Microsoft, Amazon, etc. We could even take over BlackRock and Vanguard, and push NFTs further to the public. We have the potential to control everything. Big tech, big pharma, governments, the economy, global politics, EVERYTHING. If the Illuminati don't exist, we will
(28/147) become them, and if they do we will overthrow them. Nothing will get in our way once we get enough traction. This plan is flawless, and will give the #NFT community unfathomable power. It's easy, the world moves because of money, so we will control the money, and
(29/147) therefore control the world. Once we have everything under control, we can start imposing our own laws. Make it mandatory for every tech company to check the blockchain every time someone wants to take a screenshot, and if there is an NFT in it, don't take it. Same for
(30/147) right click and save, check the blockchain every time, and don't give the option if it's already an NFT. That alone will almost entirely make sure there are no more unfortunate #rightclickvictim s. Of course, there will always be hackers, and they will find a way to
(31/147) copy NFTs, so every website must also implement algorithms to not allow anyone to post NFTs, or images that are extremely similar to an existing NFT, to avoid having a hacker change a couple pixels and upload it. Since we will also control the law, we can just pass
(32/147) laws to enforce it, and confiscate the NFTs of those who break the law. For hackers who find ways to steal NFTs bypassing the screenshot and right click save prevention mechanisms, we will give them from 10 years to life in prison, unless they delete the stolen NFT and
(33/147) give the owner back as much value as was stolen by paying with other NFTs. Naturally, I don't expect things to be this simple, so when all this happens we will take our time to think about proper punishments, but as a rough draft it's excellent. It's proper of a
(34/147) society based on NFTs, the future. And I am not a tyrant, I will not have my wife imprisoned for not believing in me, it's not her fault that she has been brainwashed into believing fiat is better than NFTs. In fact, I will be waiting for her with open arms. One day
(35/147) she will realize this is the work of genius, not insanity, and she will come running at me, asking for forgiveness. Of course, I will forgive her, since I'm not a tyrant as I said earlier. I will allow her to marry me again, in fact. I am an honest, loyal man. Even if
(36/147) thousands of women were thirsting for me and my wealth of NFTs, (and there will be), I only have eyes for my beautiful wife, who has been corrupted by the greed of centralized fiat currency, which is forcing shut the beautiful potential of an NFT powered world. It's
(37/147) not just about the world, and poverty and hunger, I need to save my wife and my children by any means necessary. But I also see some people talking about how NFTs and ethereum are bad for the environment. Look, I can't deny it, I don't even know why they are so bad for
(38/147) the environment, for all I know they could be 99% of the carbon emissions, but I also have a solution for that. When everyone has finally embraced NFTs, all screenshotters and right click savers have been stopped, fiat has been overthrown, currency has been completely
(39/147) decentralized, and everyone is free and happy, we can just pay scientists to figure out how to stop global warming and how to make NFTs and ethereum more environmentally friendly. Maybe they can even come up with a way to make NFTs reduce the carbon emissions, who
(40/147) knows! We will also be able to plant more trees and remove more sea trash than Mr Beast could ever dream of. He's only a millionaire, while the NFT economy will eventually reach the quintillions easily. Not only will NFTs stop being bad for the environment, but they
(41/147) will in fact become way way better than fiat because of all of this. There's no point in comparing fiat to the future of crypto, and it will be so obvious to everyone in the future. But of course, for now we are marginalized, our belongings are stolen, we are ridiculed
(42/147) on Twitter, just because we are early to the next era. Think of how people were annoyed with Socrates just because he was one of the fathers of philosophy. Does that mean he was insane? No, he was a genius. He is now one of the most famous historical figures. His work
(43/147) has been studied for millenia by many different cultures. This will be the case for NFTs too. Right now we sound insane, making bold claims about earning money, and making the world a better place, but you will see. The future is practically written at this point. NFTs
(44/147) will NOT be stopped or hindered by anything. Even if blood is shed, even if families are broken, even if the world crumbles because of the downfall of fiat, nothing will stop us. Everything will be fixed and back to normal once everyone embraces crypto, and especially
(45/147) NFTs. The #NFTrevolution will wait for nobody. Do you not realize that crypto is decentralized? Nobody can control crypto, it's truly free, it can not be tracked, and it's completely anonymous. It's unbelievable people are still trying to stay with fiat. Fiat is the
(46/147) absolute worst, and I am sick of it. I might even stop using fiat altogether after I get back enough money to pay back the loan I took for the 186k dollar NFT, and then go on to buy more expensive NFTs with the profits. Of course, I will need someone to buy it for,
(47/147) say, 500k first, but that's fine. Eventually someone will come and buy it. The bigger problem is all these screenshotters and right click savers stealing my NFT. The more copies there are, the more widely available it is, and the less valuable it becomes. Please, fiat
(48/147) people, stop. From the bottom of my heart, please, I ask you to stop now. I don't want to hurt anyone, but if you keep stealing NFts you are giving me no other option. If you keep going down this path, maybe I will have to jail you myself in the future for hacking
(49/147) devices to be able to steal NFTs. Please, stop now, realize that what you are doing is wrong and hindering the progress of humanity. Future generations will thank you for understanding. Especially all the youtubers trying to hinder NFTs and crypto,
(50/147) like @OrdinaryGamers and @coffeebreak_YT . Please, you are not busting scams, you are busting the currencies of the future, and quite honestly, you are also busting my balls. Influencers and youtubers should move the world TOWARDS crypto, not AWAY from crypto. There
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (51/147) are no "crypto scams", there are only failed crypto projects. And why do they fail? Because the world is ruled by fiat. How are doge, shiba inu, squid game token, save the kids, etc supposed to succeed? They are constantly facing criticism from every side, and then you
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (52/147) also criticize them when they inevitably fail because the developers are stressed out. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Making fun of influencers who just want their fans to ride the NFT wave early because they appreciate them. I think these detective youtubers
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (53/147) are just jealous because they will never be as successful as the future NFT traders because they are afraid of losing fiat money, so they see it as "risky". Do they even know anything about economics? I would ask how they are allowed to spit misinformation, but then
@OrdinaryGamers @coffeebreak_YT (54/147) again, maybe they are brainwashed like my wife. But still, history will see them as villain, and that can not be stopped. Although even considering that, SomeOrdinaryGamers is dangerous. He goes on the deep web, hacks videogames with "virtual machines" and plays with
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2021.11.28 14:25 DarksunSpeaks DISASTER in the Fire Range chat and nobody is TALKING ABOUT, so frustrating.

Bungie was kind enough to share their philosophy on the Fire Range chat. (You can Google it because don't know if links are allowed)
I don't want this to be a bash Bungie thread, however, I do want this to hopefully help Bungie understand their self-stated philosophy and how they mishandle it hurts the player base experience immensely. Do you agree?
1) In the interview Bungie says they knew Stasis was "HOT", this is to say they knew it was broken? That deserves a DEEP discussion. In the end, let's say that' it's ok as a developer to ship something they know is almost broken,( Because as a dev you do need to make people talk about the game and bring interest back.) BUT TO TAKE OVER A YEAR TO FIX IT IS INEXCUSABLE! That's basically abuse of the player base! Let me say this again because we can shine a light on this point so Bungie changes their philosophy on the timeline to fix things that are "HOT"... IT'S ABUSE OF THE PLAYER BASE! To throw a grenade in the sandbox (No pun intended) and just walk away for over a year?! Why did Stasis Titan get nerfed in weeks, but Hunter Stasis Grenade take a year? Bungie needs to understand how bad this looks, in horrible and shows no insight. A disregard in fixing items they already know to be "HOT", yet taking a year to fix are detrimental to the trust players put in their organization. It's ok (to a degree) to ship hot, but then not to be ready to fix it and take over a year to fix shows they have no empathy for players who suffer from repeated enjoyment-destroying-aspects. These (specifically stasis hunter grenades) were insufferable in PvP. Stasis literally made people quit the game until stasis was fixed, and still aspects of it are still overpowering such as hunter grenades. PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THIS SO BUNGIE CANE BUILD SOME AWARENESS ON THIS PART OF THEIR PHILOSOPHY. It's ok to ship a little hot, but be ready to take action quickly and not take a year to fix something you already know is hot.
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2021.11.28 14:25 turningvinyl Keto Creme Brulee | Sugar Free and Delightful

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2021.11.28 14:25 FriendlyReaper123 Paragon/renegade speech checks completely ruin choices and make the game feel linear.

After quickly going over some recent playthroughs of mass effect on YouTube literally 90 percent of people do everything identically and I feel like that's because of those speech checks. Some examples are loyalty missions (especially Talis one) where potentially interesting choices were ruined by "lol I pick blue." Same can be said about squad confrontations in me2. Imagine if you had to pick between Tali/Legion or Jack/Miranda and are guaranteed to lose their loyalty so you have to be lucky to have them survive the suicide mission. I am okay with them in situations like the geth quarians leave where you have to do there stuff to unlock the speech check. I know speech checks are also obviously present in other RPGs but I feel like they are too simple in mass effect.
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2021.11.28 14:25 Stormyturkey312 Why is it suddenly broken ?

So like during the flights and the first few days of halo infinite "beta" release everything went well, no issues at all. But now since a couple of days ago i have issues like packet loss and jitter or something. I didn't complain at first but now my game is literally unplayable.
Anyone knows how to fix this issue ? (Also just to say, halo infinite is the only game i have those issues with)
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2021.11.28 14:25 Ilichhh #MoonbeamLightsUp MOONBEAM REDDIT CHALLENGE Infographic by Ilich#3455

#MoonbeamLightsUp MOONBEAM REDDIT CHALLENGE Infographic by Ilich#3455
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2021.11.28 14:25 ILoveMyFerrari Let's assume that LOA is actually real. Whoever created these rules is a punk bitch

Fuck it, I'm just going to speak the truth with this post.
When it comes to LOA, I've seen a small amount of evidence showing that something is indeed legit with this idea or concept, but I've also received a TON of evidence showing that it's complete and utter bullshit.
So, you might assume I'm a hater of LOA, because I spent literal years of my life on this, yet didn't get jack shit from it. Imagine lifting weights every day for 6 years, but still being a skinny weakling.
But, that's neither here nor there, because even if you say that I'm a hater, I can tell you that I've seen enough spooky evidence of LOA to know that there's at least some small nugget of truth to this whole thing. So, there's no way I can write this whole thing off as bullshit. I wish I could. It would make things so much easier. I could just think that I got caught up in some crazy cult shit that turned out to be a huge lie. That would be so much easier.
Instead, I know that even though most of LOA is complete and utter bullshit, there is this small amount of it, that is actually legit, and because of that, I'd love to know how shit really actually works.
But, let me talk for a minute about the creator of this existence that we are in. I'm not necessarily talking about an individual entity like a "God". It could be that, or it could be some type of Universe Lifeforce or something, who knows. But, if you're into LOA, then I'm guessing you're not down with Atheism and randomness, because the two ideas are mutually exclusive.
If everything is completely random, then LOA as a concept crumbles like a house of cards. So you can't really put your belief in randomness. If LOA is actually legit, then everything must have a reason and meaning behind it, whether our human brains can comprehend it or not.
So, thus, there must be something that is responsible for this whole thing.
Whoever is responsible for this whole thing, has set up some sort of system. That's basically what we're talking about here with LOA. That there is some underlying system at play, and that if we could only understand the parameters of the system, we could game it to our advantage.
For example, if scientists confirmed that we were in a simulation, there are some things we could do to actually take advantage of our awareness of this fact.
So, ultimately, the whole concept of LOA is trying to understand how pain and pleasure are doled out, and to figure out if there's a way you can maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain.
But what kind of system has the architect of this reality created? The fact that so many people have so many different theories about this, tells me that whatever the system is, it's not easy to understand. Nobody really understands it. In fact, you can bring me the most successful LOA person on planet Earth, and I will lock them in a jail cell, and tell them that all they need to do to get released from jail, is to somehow manifest a yellow colored apple. Like a Jonagold Apple. (Why yellow? cause they're not as common as green and red).
So, I wouldn't be asking this person to manifest a million dollars or something spectacular, just a simple yellow apple. If they could do this, I would release them from prison. So, if LOA was actually a real thing, and if it was a real thing, there would have to be at least on person on planet Earth that's an absolute master at this. Yet, I'm saying not one single person can manifest a yellow apple to absolute prove the validity of this concept.
Why am I bringing this up?
Because if the most expert person on planet Earth in this concept, can't even prove it without a shadow of a doubt by manifesting some specific, relatively meaningless object, then that obviously says that nobody on planet Earth truly understands how this system works. Some "gurus" or "teachers", might seem to know bits and pieces of it, but obviously, nobody has this thing 100 percent down pat.
Otherwise, we'd be seeing videos on YouTube with people proving this phenomenon.
This just goes back to my argument that whoever or whatever created this system of doling out pain and punishment, did a piss poor job of creating an easily understandable system. Why would you create beings that would have to live out their entire lives, in a world in which they don't even know the rules to the game?
Even the people that claim to know the rules and are searching and studying the rules daily, only understand a tiny fraction of it.
One thing that I am hoping for after death in this current reality, is to find out what was the actual system at play on Earth during my time there. I'd just want to understand it, and understand what I was doing wrong, and what I did right (sometimes). To finally understand this would be a dream come true, because then I could have an answer to the infuriating "why" question.
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2021.11.28 14:25 EDCburner Weekly Matchup Graphic: Tonight we dine in hell.

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2021.11.28 14:25 lakshya_09 Wie kann ich Mehl entsorgen? Geht es in den Restmüll oder?

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2021.11.28 14:25 HeftyMountain1 Redditor restricts child from visiting family until child gets covid shot, and then posts it online for sweet karma

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2021.11.28 14:25 OkCryptographer5105 Need help

So I beat the collector FLAWLESSLY and got the skin and stuff, however during the cutscene at the hand of the King arena, my game bugged out and crashed leaving my progress gone, this has happened twice because I made a save before hand thankfully, has this happened to anyone??
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2021.11.28 14:25 podicalf TRADING: ride preteen snow owl,ride fly fullgrown frost furry, ride fly ninja monkey,four newborn scorpions,one snowman and 53 mythic eggs!

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