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Why does the next gen still struggle against the ageing big 3?

2022.01.25 02:36 Zokilala Why does the next gen still struggle against the ageing big 3?

I know this has probably been asked in the past but watching Nadal have his way against a next gen on a 35 degree day after six months out of the game has me thinking is it that the next gen don’t have to tools, the mentality or the game plan?
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2022.01.25 02:36 OzricAurora Five favourite guitarists that aren't Dave, Adrian or Janick?

Robert Fripp - King crimson
Alex Lifeson - Rush
David Gilmour - Pink Floyd
Ed Wynne - Ozric Tentacles
Adam Jones - Tool
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2022.01.25 02:36 IamtheDman Working for a $14bn company and not getting a cost of living raise

This is a rant. I need to get this off my chest.
Ive been working for a multi billion $ company for over a year now, doing great work. I've been working harder than I ever have before and picked up duties that are not in my contract (I'm a contractor). So the end of my contract rolls around and I was pushing for an actual raise, being the first time in my 15 years working life I felt I actually deserved one. Not a big raise, just a raise. And barring that I thought, "well the inflation rate in my country is x.x% over the last 12 months so I'm sure they'll at least offer me that". I took my case to the recruiter (the one who handles my contract details with the company) and demonstrated in clear readable data the value I had created for the company in the past year.
Well the results are in, and not only do I not get a raise, but my wage won't even be adjusted for inflation. The inflation rate in my country is the highest it's been in years so I assumed this was a given. And the company I work for is a supermarket change meaning I see the direct result of inflation everyday. So I'm essentially getting a pay cut for doing more work and better work than I was doing a year ago.
The excuses; the budgets are set in stone until mid year, you make more than some other contractors so you should be happy, your contract started mid financial year so you'll have to wait another 6 months because we needed to hire someone at that point in time and somehow that's your fault.
Anyway, I'm just pissed off. I worked my ass off.
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2022.01.25 02:36 writtenworld18 Is This It?

Is this it? Barely remembering what it’s like to be a kid- Forgetting my first sleepover, my first best friend- Simply waiting for the end.
Once it was impossible for me to grow old- No matter how often I was told. But then I became aware And it made my insides horribly cold. None of it’s fair.
We are given a life- Easily taken by the kitchen’s knife; The knife used to cut the Thanksgiving meat, The burnt one everyone would still eat, On a holiday when at least one child would always weep, But then they ultimately all went to sleep. And those meaningless days went on in repeat. So who cares if you’re honest or you lie, If in the end we all just die.
Is that all there is? A wet and sloppy disappointing kiss- A chronic and constant sigh. Endless familial fights- Waking up little children in the dead of night. A short life. A nagging wife- Who complains about all the little things in life. Choosing to look at only the bad- Allowing herself to always feel sad. Is that all there is?
All the memories dripping away- No matter how you beg them to stay. Your first vacation, the only one without fights, forgotten in a flash- Your first kiss, first dance, first everything slashed. Like a well slowly running out of water- You’re even beginning to forget the voice of your own father.
And then there’s the moment when all the memories completely fade- The moment in which your final bed is made. It’s death you see- The one thing that will definitely happen to you and me. I doubt it sets us free- because really it’s sneaking up on you like a cat. And then it’s all gone. Just. Like. That.
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2022.01.25 02:36 Gudlinger The r6s event was more complete than this.

They even downgraded the monsters. They are not zombies anymore, smasher became smasher jr., every map is filled with the annoying ass exploding ones making stealth near impossible. It looks significantly worse than r6s, even the operators are less detailed. At least the maps are cool. But everything, even the monsters have this sterile feeling to thrm. All this would be okay, but bruh, 60 euros? With 10 euro "micro" transactions?
Ima be honest, I do not know if this is the end product or just alpha phase, so this still can be salvaged.
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2022.01.25 02:36 Royal_Alps5058 Should I build Nightwing?

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2022.01.25 02:36 Ace_Silvius Attack on Titan s4 ep 19

About Zeke and Eren touching to make the plan work, why can't they have just done it when they met on the beginning of the season (I forgot what the place is called but its where the Marleyans live). Zeke mentioned just to be safe but what was dangerous about them touching at that time? I dont read the manga so it would be cool if you guys can explain it without spoiling too much.
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2022.01.25 02:36 MajinDokkan40 One of these two getting their EZA very very soon.

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2022.01.25 02:36 Billybob8635 F30.. Who is looking for some fun and go! Pm for more info 😁

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2022.01.25 02:36 FlyingLowSH CH-53-Training der Luftwaffe: EKB im Simulator integriert

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2022.01.25 02:36 Oxpancakecat When would RealLink moon

When would RealLink moon
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2022.01.25 02:36 Pichuunnn This will be the battle to remember

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2022.01.25 02:36 RubixTheRedditor Planning to get the game and the necromancer anything I should know?

I'm getting necromancer because my edge lord self thinks it's cool to be a necromancer was just wondering general questions like should I get eso plus and all this since it's my first game like this and after playing morrowind, oblivion, and skyrim figure i would move to this.
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2022.01.25 02:36 ItsNotMordecai Everybody asks Where's Karlson, but nobody asks Where's Off The Sticks

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2022.01.25 02:36 jPck2 Tips for running online?

Hey everyone! I’m in the midst of Dragon Heist right now but my party is super excited to run DotMM! Unfortunately due to Covid stuff/ school/ living situations we have to run everything online and I was looking for tips you all have!
Anything is welcome but I have one huge question: how do you handle maps in an online format? Do you use a VTT and import the entire map? Do you just do important sections? If so what’s your criteria for an “important” section and what VTT do you use? I’ve seen the idea to have a player be a mapmaker on the side and try to map out the different levels, has anyone tried this out?
Thank you!
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2022.01.25 02:36 rednax2009 The True MVP of Angel

Andy Hallett was the true MVP of Angel. It's taken me a while to realize this, but it's so obvious now.
First of all, let's acknowledge that he had to sit through hours of make up every day to play a supporting character. And especially in the later seasons, a very minor supporting character. But wow was his presence was so incredibly welcome. On a show as gloomy as Angel sometimes was, he was this breath of life in so many ways. Obviously just the notion of a singing demon is incredible and hilarious, but Lorne also had an incredible voice and wonderful comedic ability.
I'd also like to add that even though it was mostly implied, it was so refreshing to have a queer (coded) character on the show. Someone to make obscure pop culture references to divas, musical theatre, and pop music. Someone to give flirty one-liners and call Angel pet names. Someone who unabashedly made Angel in many ways a campier show than Buffy.
There are so many great characters across both shows, but Lorne really was singular. His specific combination of demon-ness, musical talent, sarcasm, campiness, pop culture references, and queer coding made him a unique character - one I've never really seen in any other media.
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2022.01.25 02:36 _kiminara /molecularbiology Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.25 02:36 NewsElfForEnterprise Bigger spend needed for net-zero world than assumed - McKinsey

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2022.01.25 02:36 ohkpze So I went out and did a thing. 32 rnds of a thing. Lol. More for research. As us canik owners know mags are hard to come by decided to try a promag 32. And she needs an extra slap to lock in. And the spring was not very smooth loading the first ten to Fifteen. But guess what 32 rnds.

So I went out and did a thing. 32 rnds of a thing. Lol. More for research. As us canik owners know mags are hard to come by decided to try a promag 32. And she needs an extra slap to lock in. And the spring was not very smooth loading the first ten to Fifteen. But guess what 32 rnds. submitted by ohkpze to canik [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 02:36 brendanrouthRETURNS Bringing your latent reactionary queerphobia to Twitter to own the imperialists

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2022.01.25 02:36 gilliesi I don’t feel high when I trip

Hi. When I trip I don’t FEEL high like others have described. I get the visuals but not the high… is there even a high? Like I don’t feel love or excitement I pretty much feel sober save the fact that the walls melt and my friends are purple
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2022.01.25 02:36 colorbars_when_I_cum Worried About the Fit on My New Cavanaugh Penny Loafers

Hey everyone!
I recently acquired a pair of Allen Edmunds Cavanaugh Penny Loafers in Oxblood size 9 D. I was able to get a significant discount of roughly 50%. These are my first pair of loafers. I love the way these look.
The only issue is that I am worried about the fit. They feel comfortable width wise however I have some heel slip when I walk. I don’t feel like I am walking out of them by any means but that slip is somewhat annoying. I am wondering whether this is normal and just something to break in or should I return these shoes and try an 8.5 or 8? I don’t want them to expand and become too loose so that I am walking out of them. Any help I’d appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read.
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2022.01.25 02:36 PurpleTerraria Hey, I'm bored so DM me if you wanna join my party, town, or kingdom.

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2022.01.25 02:36 LionRiderr Strikes absolutely work....

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2022.01.25 02:36 BeetleSpoon2770 Video help finding

Looking for a video I saw on YouTube. It was a fairly recent one and Ralph Macchio described something as “Meta.” I don’t remember what or where so Reddit please work your magic.
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