Oscar De La Hoya vs Julio Cesar Chavez I (1996)

2022.01.25 01:37 MasterE_Mier1 Oscar De La Hoya vs Julio Cesar Chavez I (1996)

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2022.01.25 01:37 CircuitDaemon Un amigo molestando al dueño anterior de un FireTV que devolvieron sin borrar sus cuentas

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2022.01.25 01:37 naminggg What do I play In co op to carry my friend?

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2022.01.25 01:37 Luigi_Lauro Friendly PS5 Player, GMT+2, Italy, LF Friends

I’ve been out of the gaming scene for quite a few years but I’m trying to get back since I got my PS5 at launch.
Currently mostly playing single players games (platinumed 12 games last year), but would love to get back into multiplayer and make some new friends.
Age, sex, location doesn’t matter as long as you can speak English and can stand my horrible Italian accent 😅
In the past I played a lot of UO, WOW, CS, but open to any decent game.
PSN is luigilauro, feel free to add me and maybe slide into DM to introduce yourself :-)
Wish you all a wonderful happy life and many fun game nights!! 😊
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2022.01.25 01:37 chrisor97 [PS4] Riders Republic - PlayStation 4 Edition is $55.08

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2022.01.25 01:37 phraps We have bungus at home. Bungus at home:

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2022.01.25 01:37 ryzikx "Political Juice" YT channel resurrection LOL

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2022.01.25 01:37 Milobobs IKEA Karlby DIY?

I’m building a new desk with IKEA components. However I do not want to use their vaneeparticle board desktops like this;
For the same price I’d like to use a real wood butcher block such as this from lowes;
I’m new to woodworking. Seeing if anyone has advice on which finish / sealant / process I should do to make the lowes butcher block look as close to the IKEA Karlby as possible. And also fully protect the desk from damage (scratches / water rings)
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2022.01.25 01:37 crytoloover THETA New TNT 20 Token Launch - TDROP! (Utility, Airdrops) DeFillama over $50M TVL! Price Talk!

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2022.01.25 01:37 SilentSamurai Possible Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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2022.01.25 01:37 cbvv1992 🔥51% Off Code – $12.23 Baby Hand and Footprint Photo Frame Kit!!

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2022.01.25 01:37 Signal_Ad3125 Is it possible to command + q an active application from a program?

I’m trying to develop an app that can quit an application with a press of a button. Is there code than can perform this function?
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2022.01.25 01:37 Salem1690s Johnny Boy having a mustache

That was the most unbelievable part of MSON. Made guys don’t wear mustaches
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2022.01.25 01:37 srjred Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, India

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2022.01.25 01:37 Eyelassh1 Friend throws his relationship away for me just to friendzone me

I just got whiplash. A couple red flags here and there.
We’re both 17, I’m F and he’s M. Basically, I made friends with a taken guy, and we did platonic things like watching anime and playing multiplayer video games online. Over time, he’d compliment me more and more. About my outfit, my height, my looks etc. I thought it was weird, but said thanks and moved on.
Eventually he confessed he had a growing crush on me while he was in a relationship with a friend. I was really confused and not that surprised, but the person he was dating was an amazing and beautiful girl. I had to tel her about it. She was very mature and was thankful to me.
Next day they broke up and now he was very bold about how he felt toward me. I kept telling him he should focus on himself and not about wether he’s going to ask me out in a month or two. He would still flirt with me while we played games and binged shows. I wasn’t sure if I could trust him, but I told him I might be interested in 4 weeks. At this point we were both flirting but I would also remind him I would only show affection once it had been a month. He said definitely that he will ask me out in a month.
Next day, he says we should stay single for a year and focus on work. I asked him if something happened like if he got a good job opportunity but nope. I said I’d respect it. A guy can change his mind but dang. If you had second thoughts for a while you don’t have to pretend to like me until you make the ultimate decision not to go with your word.
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2022.01.25 01:37 Possible_Addition680 third lobe suddenly sore/swelling? (more info in comments)

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2022.01.25 01:37 ASH2591 Biryani price through online orders.

I'm in the process of starting a biryani cloud kitchen.
Let's say that for a quality and good amount biryani with a weight of around 600 to 650 grams of biryani, how much price do you think is a considerable amount to order it?
I can see lot of people telling the biryani they ordered is good but the cost is too high. So I wanted to know what's the amount any person is willing to pay for a good biryani. Especially seeraga sambha. Since I'm starting to go with seeraga sambha in the beginning
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2022.01.25 01:37 tayyabadaughter 20+Muslim Sissyfag online on kikwickr username:nastycunt0 come play, come play I love sharing pics with stories, if you message me say muslimsis

I love showing cute little before/after pics of me all dolled up , I’ll be a good sissy for you I’m passable now , love sharing clean pics and stories of me being a good sissy girly , mommy loves doing my hair makeup and dressing me I love being a cute little sissy
I’m a crossdressing fagboi I love wearing my family’s panties clothes and shoes, they tease and taunt me, mommy helps me be girly and feminine , I love sharing pics with stories like before/after
Please come message me on kikwickr it is nastycunt0 and say sissy
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2022.01.25 01:37 whyaretherenonames4 Selling an account with the 2 twitch prime packs. Not much else on the account. Looking to sell for a PSN gift card

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2022.01.25 01:37 sterlytwirly Let’s make Danny Duncan the next Bachelor

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2022.01.25 01:37 CrimsonKG Dream within a dream within a dream...

Don't expect a reply but I'd like to share before I forget the whole thing. I'm 33 and this is the first time I can remember actually waking up multiple times in a dream and even becoming lucid.
I work night shift and I have an hr lunch so sometimes I lay in the car and sleep for a bit. I put my sweater over my eyes and slept.
The first dream was a sex dream. I'm pretty much in an orgy with a bunch of attractive people.(Not something I would do or even fantasize about IRL) We're all really enjoying ourselves having a good time. I mean, I can really FEEL EVERYTHING, body parts etc.
Then I wake up, in my car with my sweater over my eyes, except there's a lady officer knocking on my window trying to wake me up. She doesn't say anything but I get the sense that she suspects I've fallen asleep drunk behind the wheel. I begin to explain to her that I work her etc. But then I notice I'm not at my current job but I'm in the parking lot of a job I had years ago. There's a helicopter above and they're blurting something over the intercom. Next I see military and SWAT team armed and marching toward the building. Most everyone is ignoring me. "I'm dreaming" I said, and instantly I wake up back in the car with the sweater covering my eyes.
I look around and there are people everywhere. All with their backs turned to me, talking amongst themselves. I'm thinking to myself. Did we have a fire drill or something? Why is everyone standing in the parking lot? Then I realize I'm not parked where I was before. How did my car get here without me driving it? I was asleep, I had a nightmare, how am I here? I'm dreaming...again? I woke up into another dream? Am I dead? Did I die in my sleep on my lunch break in my car?(All these thoughts are going through my head while I'm sitting in my car inside this dream looking around.) Then I began to panic. I've died and this is an infinite loop. Stuck in my car for eternity, my own personal Hell...the seatbelt begins to tighten around my body as if to validate that yes you're f***ed. I start yelling WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!!!
There's a bit of sleep paralysis for a few seconds, awake but can't move, then finally, fully awake.
With the sweater still over my eyes.
I've always been open to Lucid Dreaming but have never really accomplished it. I still am but this dream seemed..."foreign" is the only word I can use to describe it really. It felt like it wasn't mine. Like I was a visitor in a strange land, idk.
I heard a Christian fellow say one time that sexual dreams were demonically influenced. Idk if I believe that or not but it was certainly strange and unsettling.
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2022.01.25 01:37 notjustakorgsupporte Shower thought: Is Raven Beak a polymath?

Here are some reasons I think he could be one:

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2022.01.25 01:37 DevOverlord Skillboard.Evie V2 - Feature Requests Fulfilled, Site completely rewritten

Good Evening Eve,
Semi-Major update to our new Skillboard. This post will get a little lengthy as there are quite a few things I need to cover.

  1. Complete Rewrite After the release our initial version last week, the feedback that I got did not reflect the type of website I wanted to put out there for you all. I also came to realize that I really really really hated the setup that I had been forcing myself into a for quite a while now, so I tore down the old site and rebuilt it using a modified version of a framework that I've been eye balling for quite awhile now. I'll honestly say that I really like this framework and I'll be using this modified implementation for all of my future sites, inside and outside of the Eve Online Community.
    1. For the nerds out there, I switched from a SPA talking to a Go API to a completely GoLang driven framework called GoBuffalo. Everything is served from a single binary inside of a Docker container (well almost. There are some kinks I need to work out with some static assets, but it is mostly all in a single binary)
  2. SSO Scope awareness V1 had some unnecessary scopes in it for a Skillboard. In V2, we've stripped out those unnecessary scopes so that we are now only requesting access to data that has to do specifically with skills. With this in mind, I left out implants for the time being, but I do plan on adding them back in the near future because implants do modify attributes and those effect the training time of skills, so I think it is relevant to have those displayed on your skillboard.
  3. Permissions. V1 had a few check boxes for permissions, but if you signed into the site, the entire world (i.e. Everybody who viewed the home page) would know that you had registered on the site. I was going for a zKillboard feed type approach with this feature. Yeah I'll admit, it was a bad idea. While we still have the feed on the homepage, we've implemented a visibility setting. This setting has three levels. These levels are outlined below and can be updated via the settings menu that is accessible by logging in and then clicking on your characters image in the navbar and clicking settings.
Draw backs to V2.
There are a few drawbacks to V2. V1's frontend was built on VueJS and was easy for me to implement frameworks and libraries that made me seem like I was really good with JavaScript. I'm not, I'm terrible with it. As a result, the current frontend does not have any filtering. Right now, all skills in game are displayed on a characters page and the skills that have been injected and trained are reflected with white text and the level that the skill has been trained to is reflect by the white boxes to the right. I'm working on figuring that out how to make this UI a little bit more user friendly from an interactivity standpoint.
The thing i wanted to accomplish with V2 was bringing the community something they could actually use for whatever it is that skillboards are used for these days (Looking at you Character Bazaar folks, I have something for you in the brain cogs, have to get sign off from CCP on it first.).
Thank you all again for the feedback to V1 that you provided. Please continue that same feedback with V2, Have a good night, I'll respond to comments for the next hour or so. Please also consider joining the Evie Discord at the link below. As always links at the bottom for evey thing else.
P.S. Can I get a flair relevant to Third Party Development? Other just feels dirty.
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2022.01.25 01:37 Mr_Nihilism_ Mob Psycho workout mistake

I try to workout a few times a week, and have both season openings on my workout playlist. When the first opening came on, I thought to myself
"Can I do a half push up each time the singer counts? Can I reach one hundred? Can I reach ???"
I tapped out at 60 something and my arms still hurt. Totally worth it! Maybe I should try this again next week and make the body improvement club proud?
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2022.01.25 01:37 dtv20 You know what playstation should do? Imo

Release their games on other platforms at full price. Hear me out.
With this new tiered PS plus thingy coming out, I believe Sony should use it as this.
Tier 1: basic PS plus.
Tier 2: Basic PS plus + 30% off new first party titles.
Tier 3: All first party titles fully backwards compatible + all of the above.
Sony will never give away their first party games for free. They simply make too much from them. What they could/should do is release them on all platforms but give ps players a 30% discount. Want to play the new God of War? Pay $60 on PC & Xbox or $40 on playstation.
Console exclusives should go away. Give people a reason to play on your platform instead of instead of ignoring the millions of people that simply don't want to buy a playstation.
It's 2022 and system exclusivity is getting worse and worse. I think this is a good fix that pleases everyone.
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