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Possible for me to see gains in RC? Possible I reached my limit?

2022.01.25 01:42 Fantastic-Fly-4146 Possible for me to see gains in RC? Possible I reached my limit?

This is long (almost 2000 words), but I hope someone reads this. I'm going to give a lot of information. It might help paint a picture for better or worse. Maybe someone will share a similar situation, have been in my shoes before, or this post will lighten their day. I add in a lot of fluff unintentionally, so I apologize for the length of this post. I'm close to hopeless at this point; deep down, I want good news, but I'm all ears for any harsh truths.

Overarching Question(s): My improvement is essentially nonexistent for reading comprehension; I'm wondering if I'm at a hard cap due to my raw aptitude—reasons in the text below. (I am currently in my first year.)

To preface, this is only about the RC portion; I know other sections are easier to improve, and I understand that I do. It would be wise to focus on those first before tackling RC, and when I start seriously studying, I will definitely try to improve those first. Still, I'm asking about RC because with LG and LR, which I know I can improve, I genuinely wonder if I can increase my RC, I want to do something now but lack faith. (also, it's a more personal thing)

It's widely agreed RC is the hardest to improve as it takes the most time and effort, but I wonder if I'm capable of any gain anymore. By improvement, I mean more than +1 or 2- I'm talking +6-8 to your baseline. I know most students interested in law start studying junior year, but because I also know how poor my RC is, I thought I would try and beef up my RC skills ahead of time. I want to be a lawyer more than any other profession, it's not that there are no other options, but it is my preferred route to take. (Unfortunately, reading comprehension is a universal skill)

The doubt in my skills stems from high school: I took AP classes when available and was the typical Low A/High B student mixture. I put in numerous hours in preparation weeks in advance for tests. Still, I quickly became demoralized after realizing I performed equally when cramming the night before --> horrible habit developed of procrastination. I use that to cope with not getting all A's, but it doesn't really help that much since I know it would be the same if I studied. Ironically, English was my best subject, not because of reading comprehension but writing. See, I'm the person who must read the passage numerous times before I understand the text. (including books). Even if I tell myself the text is engaging, the often recommended trick, it doesn't seem to help me. I spent countless hours on Reddit/quora/other sites/ for what past students have done to improve RC and have tried every trick in the book. Also, it's as if the words I'm reading get sorted into a worse short-term memory like an "infinitely short term memory of shortness" Quite literally, I will read two sentences and still have to go back to think about what I just read. I have tried going at a snail's pace, but I still end up rereading it multiple times. I got so desperate that I thought my working memory could cause me not to retain information. So I spent more hours looking for research papers for evidence of strengthening working memory, and I started doing brain training with duel-n-back (even tried luminosity...)
I found making short summaries of each paragraph is helpful. However, it personally takes too much time to be used in a test setting. For example, if I don't spend enough time reading, I can't write a strong enough summary, and ill have to reread it anyway. (Before someone asks, I had some very slight dyslexia symptoms, but they wore off before high school, and recently I was diagnosed with ADHD; however, attention isn't my reading issue. My interest doesn't matter whether I get the text)

Some Stats for an Insight on my RC level:
-I believe I received a 1200 on my PSAT in 10th grade (I think I got a 550 or something for reading)
-1330 SAT 1st attempt with a few weeks of studying (620 reading)
-1490 SAT 2nd attempt few more weeks of studying (700 Reading)
-I retook once more (I was trying to break 1500) and got a low 1400's with a way worse reading

AP Language and AP Literature: In these two classes, for the multiple-choice parts, I suffered immensely; I'm a pretty good writer, and I know for sure I missed out on getting a five on both exams because my multiple choice was just... awful. I improved my essays to where my teacher, a past AP grader, was confident they would set me up for a 5. My multiple-choice scores, not so much.

Since those days, I have hoped my RC was stronger.
-A combination of reading more books outside of school
-the reading I'm doing now (college-level reading!)
- maybe higher thinking, brains more developed?
I read multiple news articles daily now (admittedly, this is more to stay informed rather than RC), some brain training, and finding summaries for confusing material.

I know people frown upon it, but a few weeks ago, I took a cold diagnostic in that I had no prior knowledge about the questions or format but, I gave myself unlimited time. I took about double the time on each section with 54 minutes on reading comprehension; I didn't go back, but I gave myself time to finish each question before moving on, so about 13-14 minutes per reading passage. I tried reading much slower. My score breakdown was as follows:
Ice Cold (With ~2x Time per section):
LR1: 13 / 25 correct
AR: 16 / 23 correct
RC: 13 / 27 correct
LR2: 16 / 26 correct
Total: 152
Considering I gave myself double the time and how similar it (RC) was to the SAT/ApLit, 13/27 from reading hurt me, so my excuse was that I wasn't used to the format. I looked over each question for every section and understood why those answers were correct. For the next four days, I spammed LR and some RC practice questions on Khan for about an hour or two. At the end of the week, I took a timed practice test (no more double time)

Not Cold:
LR1: 21 / 25 correct
RC: 15 / 27 correct
LG: 10 / 22 correct
LR2: 15 / 26 correct
Total: 153
Woah, okay. Although my LG score is a complete abomination, there's peace of mind that it's the easiest to improve, and substantial improvement there is not unheard of. But RC. I had less time, and I guessed on a few answers; some ended up being correct. 15/27 is still far from what I thought I'd be able to achieve, and it's far from what I want to achieve. If I take away the ones I guessed right, that's another 12-13/27

I simply have no idea what I'm reading; even when I see a modern passage, and I feel I know what's going on, someone could come up and quiz me about what I just read, and I doubt I'd do well. Perhaps my frustration will make sense if I explain it like this; I hear that many people try to find a balance where they can read fast while maintaining ~85% comprehension. I can't do that. I have a hard cap at about 70% regardless of the speed. No matter how slow I read, I really can't comprehend more. (Of course, I could be judging my comprehension wrong. Maybe I get 85%, but it doesn't feel that way) Naturally, going too fast will decrease it, and I found my comfortable speed is about 320wpm. I'm talking about wpm briefly as I remember reading a few posts where it was recommended to speed read/ remove subvocalization or something- so I want to point out speed reading is just ineffective for me. I briefly mentioned it earlier, but essentially, my low self-esteem comes from when I was prepping for my third SAT. On my second, I got 1490- I wanted to crack 1500. It was clear that reading/writing was the issue (790 math); During that summer, I must have completed over 15 practice tests, using multiple from recent years, and went over each methodically afterward, trying to put myself in the grader's shoes. It was quiet summer with COVID, so I had plenty of time.
Then my December test rolled around, and although my writing improved, my reading score was worse. It was comparable to seeing my performance 'winging it' vs. studying for weeks; I wasn't just witnessing no improvement but scoring lower. After preparing all summer, it was just disheartening. It's scary since the LSAT Reading Comprehension is more complex- It's more complicated, even if by a bit. It bugs me because I know these are objective tests, the answer is in the text, but I don't understand the text; therefore, even if it's right there, I'm blind to it. So now I doubt myself. I described my bootleg cold diagnostic and first practice test to show there's some hope in me that I can improve my RC. Sure, I'd be starting early, but part of me wants to work on RC now; I'm conflicted. The RC for the more straightforward test (the SAT), which I studied diligently for 3-4 months, well, I was unable to improve, so I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure if I tell myself I just need to work at it more this time, that the LSAT will be different.

I dislike the idea that my innate ability/intelligence limits me, but could it be that I'm struggling so hard to improve due to those factors? I'd probably agree with that perspective if I got -3 wrong and couldn't seem to get a perfect score, but for example, where I am at now 15/27. Could that be brought up to -3/5 on average? I was stuck at -10 for SAT reading, studied religiously for four months, and barely saw growth. I want to improve my reading comprehension. I have been reading much more since senior year, and I am prepared to put in the maximum effort. I'm a first-year, and people start studying in their third, okay, so I'll save logic games and logical reasoning for later. What if I start reading comprehension now? What can I even do at this point besides reading? Sadly, I understand at this point, no tips or tricks will raise my score that high. The standard advice for RC is to practice a lot and go over your answers; I just don't see how if a more motivated, happy go lucky me who took that statement to an extreme was unable to find success for an easier test would find such success in a harder one, perhaps I'm just not smart enough.

If I sound defeated, that's because I am. I want someone to blow my mind and make me have a revelation. I don't know, hoping for some anecdotal, "I was there, here's what I did" that's different than the usual or, "it seems you might be forgetting this," "you are missing this part," "you probably do (x) I did that too, here's what you should do" Of course, if you want to lay it to me straight, "After reading the post I think you need to face reality you won't improve your RC" Then go ahead, but if that's the case its aptitude right? Besides uncontrollable factors (intelligence), I can't think of another reason why I'm stuck. I have the work ethic and motivation, but it doesn't matter.
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2022.01.25 01:42 Isle_of_Florida_Mann I̩͉͛'v̴̯ͯe̵͖͌ bͨ̂ę̥̆ȇ̷͘n͔͜͟ ẃ̠͜aͤ͟ͅn̜̎͜t̴͙͡i̢̜͐n̺͋͡g͂͢ O̶ͬ͗n̶ͤͤe̪͑͞ O̤̮͑f̰̌ T̴̺͛h͌ͧ͢ḙ͓͌s̘̯̭e̿͛͡ F͖̈ͅó̥͝r͙̆͘ Ä̠̚ R̟̞o̢̰̿o̻͗͟ḿ͕̫ F͂͠͠o̰͋͞r̈́̽͝ Rͯ͠e̴ͤ͢n͈ͥ͋t͇̅̌, C̵̅ͧá̡͐n̨̟̏ A̡̳͊ñ͚͡y̷̫͘o̪͜ņ̭̍ë̞́͝ Ḧ̩ͣe̶͕̲l̛̞ͧp̷̨̘?

Any tips for a different color? Idk if any of the first, if not the first. Edit: Neil bonnet was the majority of comments.
First, I paid and submitted on the past, rankings here 100-91 and lets get into drivers 70-61. Idk if any of the season, catch up to me and smokes often for medicinal benefits. And this is a whole new level. After spending 5 days with her, I noticed that I would work each day from around 8am to 5pm.
Either way, he pulled off a solid or liquid form? The boomers were the comments that were pieces of shit. Those of us who cautioned patience, who simply wanted to move to Florida back in the moment.
My boyfriend - who was raised part of Florida that were pieces of shit. In high school the few times id smoke, I noticed that I didn't know was in the 90s that wasn't as successful.
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2022.01.25 01:42 Tryingforbetter10 Beginning my recovery journey

Hello everyone. Just wanting to come in and post and get this off my chest and start to get involved in the community and do the best I can in my recovery. I've come to terms just in the past month or so that I am indeed a sex addict. I've known for years that I have a very addictive personality, I'm 35 now but have given up cocaine, cigarettes and, most recently, sober from alcohol 8 months. I've seen the addiction go to other things in my life, online shopping, phone etc but never really understood what sex addiction was until it was recently mentioned in a therapy session. I started to do some research and WOW. It all just fits what I've struggled with for SO long. Reading some of your stories, especially some of you that have been at this awhile and are so kind to take the time to respond to newer people with your experiences has been eye opening, thank you so much. Reading the first chapter in the big book was also just crazy to me that I never knew about this. It just hit so hard.
It started for me as a younger teenager. I was raised Mormon, and developed a very shameful relationship with sex. All I'll say is from the time I turned 12, every 6 months I would get interviewed one on one by the "bishop" (priest, whatever) who also happened to live down the street cause I lived in Utah and most everyone was Mormon in the area, and he would ask all kinds of stupid questions, but basically "do you masterbate?" I should have answered "I'm 12 years old and I just figured out how to and it's amazing and totally natural so leave me alone you old fucking creep" but of course I just lied. And then would feel sick to my stomach with guilt all week while I did all the other mormon shit. So yeah, this fucked up my whole relationship with sex, but in the meantime I was looking at pictures online, spending countless hours in chat rooms, etc. and just feeling absolutely awful, the feeling in my stomach has never fully gone away.
In my 20's I actually started having sex and couldn't get enough, female validation was very important to me. Have never been confident in how I look but I was good at meeting girls and faking it I guess. Lots of random sex, basically using these girls, mostly just one night things and never calling them again. At the same time, lot's of porn and spending hours in chat rooms. There were periods where I tried NoFap and would have success here and there but I think my motivation was just to meet more girls and do the same thing, not exactly genuine. I would waste SOOOOOO much fucking time on an app that was for random thoughts/flirting, scrolling, texting, getting that dopamine hit, I think I met girls off of it twice, but mostly just sexting. Got a girlfriend in my early 30's, all the while, when we would fight or I would be drunk getting home I would get on that app, or I would meet girls out and about. New has always been better for me. I crave the novelty and the dopamine in all things. \
Fast forward to now, I've moved cities to be in a relationship (been over a year) but a few months before I moved (over quarantine of course) I discovered cam sites and that is my current struggle. It is so compulsive. I cant tell you how many times I've said I wouldnt do it after feeling like shit after, writing it in my journal and then a few days, maybe a week, maybe 2 weeks bam, I'm all of a sudden on there jerking off to some random girl I think is cute. Clicking through all the screens, getting that dopamine, and paying a few bucks to nut instantly and then click out. She is random, so objectified. It has really affected our sex life, and I feel awful. I have been very open with her, especially recently with the discovery of this addiction, and she is so supportive. She deserves so much better, she deserves to be with someone who wants to have sex with her and not jerk off to a screen. I have noticed my relationship to woman has changed, I objectify them, every cute girl I see I want to talk to her just in case I could sleep with her, it's fucked up. I don't want to be like this. I know that I can't do this on my own. I have found an amazing therapist and am looking forward to going to some SAA meetings.
Fuck, That turned out to be really long, I'm sorry, I'm just kind of rambling. If you did make it all the way through, thank you. I wish you all luck on your journey and hope I can contribute positively.
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2022.01.25 01:42 Overpunch42 White People of Reddit, what is it about eating ethnic food from other cultures becoming more of hassle then an enjoyment?

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2022.01.25 01:42 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] US troops on alert amid fears of Russian invasion of Ukraine ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.25 01:42 Triton900 Pistol mags on carriers?

At the risk of sounding dumb, I'm going to ask a dumb question...
For a grab and go/active shooter type set up that will live out its days behind the seats of my truck, is there any major problem or some concern that I'm not understanding, in running just a row of pistol mags on it? I rarely have a rife in my vehicle ready to rock and roll but I do always have a pistol. I just never see carriers with pistol mags on them? The idea behind this set up Im building is: Sleek, fast and light. I'm all for having rifle mags but I have limited space to work with here and again, I dont see myself in a situation where I would have a rifle in my vehicle if not on my way to a class, shoot or range fun. I'm all ears and hoping to get some feedback, positive or negative. Just want to learn and build this set up out right for its intended mission.
Thanks folks!
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2022.01.25 01:42 ok5767 18f hey

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2022.01.25 01:42 s-brow need some karma, hel meeee

upvte need karma hihi
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2022.01.25 01:42 ipemelendez SIB RimWorld, Project Zomboid or Kenshi

I’ve been looking for a new game recently and can’t decide exactly what I want, all these games have aspects that I enjoy but can’t tell which I’d enjoy the most so I’ll just have other people pick for me! I played Spore recently and love the tribal stage of the game, and I know the closest to that would be RimWorld, the only reason I haven’t bought it is because Im a little skeptical about the price, and it never seems to go any cheaper than $31. I like the fact that your character can have different abilities/disabilities in Project Zomboid, like being deaf or nearsighted, which I think can make for some interesting runs. And I don’t know much about Kenshi but it looks fun, not sure what the main goal is or what all you can do im the game.
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2022.01.25 01:42 MainAsk434 Running groups near Noe Valley/Mission to join?

22F, living near 24th/Mission BART. I’m wondering if there are any local groups that do early morning jogs in the area. I used to do cross country/rowing in college and miss the ritual.
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2022.01.25 01:42 dysfunctionalveteran My ultra liberal Gen:5 Glock-19

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2022.01.25 01:42 SubpabUwU It was playing codm all these year's but i have come to a conclusion and now i have quite codm it was very fun and lot's of fun moments and all but now the journey ends

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2022.01.25 01:42 Yuh2a Got margin called intraday.. Right as SPY bottomed.

So with my luck.. I was forced to close out all my NET cash-secured puts (Well technically not cash-secured.. I messed up).. Anyways, I got a margin call at 12:14 EST today, I was given five minutes to liquidate my positions or the broker would do it for me. I immediately closed all my positions.. The carnage. I lost 95% of my account in one trading session. I started the day at about $35,000. I have $1,394.29 in my account after liquidating all my positions. This is after depositing $10,000 from my savings into my account. Thought I'd share the experience. The worst part of this all? I WOULD HAVE GOT ALL MY MONEY BACK IF MY BROKER DIDN'T FORCE ME TO LIQUIDATE.
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2022.01.25 01:42 Various-Paramedic Looking for someone to do part-time rental / timeshare with

My wife and I just moved to Brussels, because I had to relocate for work.
However, we own (are paying of) an apartment in Amsterdam that we would like to keep because we might be moving back in the future.
My wife still has a job in Amsterdam and will need to go there about 2 days per week.
We were hoping to rent out the apartment the other days of the week, for people who might have a similar setup (eg. work part-time in Amsterdam and need stay for a couple of days per week).
I'm having a hard time finding what this type of rental would be called, let alone a platform we can rent it out on.
What do I google for? "part-time rental", "timeshare", ...?
FWIW, we're not necessarily trying to make bug money on this, it's just that we think it would be waste to let the apartment be empty for longer periods of time.
I realize this is not a common set up, but is it feasible at al?
What are good platforms for finding renters under this arrangement?
The alternative would be to rent out the place full time, and find a hotel each time my wife comes to Amsterdam.
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2022.01.25 01:42 newraistlin613 First Triathlon Safety

Hey, all. I am considering my first triathlon. I have run a few marathons, usually with some soreness afterwards. The part that frightens me is the swim part, especially in open water. A pool...no problem. I am a fairly weak swimmer. I can swim at the pool with my kids, and dive off the diving board, but I am out of breath after one pool length and have no idea how to breathe while swimming competitively. Maybe it is like running, and even though I don't run like a pro, I just built up the constitution to do it. But...if I cramp up or get tired in the middle of a lake or open water, I can't just pull to the side. I really would hate to drown.
Please advise. I can't think of a better place than an anonymous forum to just put this out there.
Also...possibly unrelated, but if I do this, would I need a wetsuit? Looking online, it seems that it costs several hundred dollars, I am not made of money.
I want to take the next step in my fitness, but I don't want to do something that would be dumb for me.
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2022.01.25 01:42 Finnzz Transferring subtitles

I'm using MKVToolNix to convert MP4 to MKV. Is there a way to automatically copy over the subtitles from the MP4 to MKV containers? Thank you
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2022.01.25 01:42 ShacoTrickshots This game is shit

Do not play it because it sucks balls
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2022.01.25 01:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#196|+9322|287] An elephant trying to stop a bulldozer from destroying its habitat [r/awfuleverything]

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2022.01.25 01:42 Adamsavage79 Third doses not high enough in Ottawa, health board hears

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2022.01.25 01:42 Defiel1 Essential fire survival tips to keep you safe in an emergency

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2022.01.25 01:42 Your-average-nutjob_ my brother is an Ethan

I think I've finally found my true community
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2022.01.25 01:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#563|+533|35] Spice World [r/dune]

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2022.01.25 01:42 kaseymasterpiece What happens if we don’t convert the two point conversion to Diggs?

Just racking my brain over the game. How do we play differently if we are up one instead of three with 13 seconds left, and why didn’t we play like that? Love the Bills and looking forward to next year. One day it will stop hurting.
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2022.01.25 01:42 NZepplin How could all of this just be a coincidence?

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2022.01.25 01:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#603|+5762|76] Cursed_glock [r/Cursed_Images]

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