FINC3600: Remote Version

2022.01.25 02:39 whadayameanmate FINC3600: Remote Version

Hi all!
I'm taking my final FINC3XXX unit this semester in the form of FINC3600. I will be taking this unit remotely - has any completed this unit online? How did you find it?
Cheers in advance!
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2022.01.25 02:39 newsdk Kinesere og amerikanere henter europæisk træ: Danmarks største savværk ser ikke udsigt til lavere træ-priser foreløbigt

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2022.01.25 02:39 Rededundant Thoughts on making a Discord for the community?

So as all of you know, epididymitis is a fairly common condition, however, it tends to be acute rather than chronic. Everyone in here is going through the same shit and we all know how fucking miserable it is.
All this is to say, should I/we make a Discord for our community? I think it would be a good idea.
We could post things such as information on different antibiotics, pelvic floor stretching, supplements that helped some, etc...
It is also a safe place for those who may be feeling very depressed or having a flare-up. Similar to this Reddit of course, but maybe the format will make it a bit easier for new people to look up different info about this crippling condition.
I've never really done this kind of thing and I don't know if advertising it on Reddit is even allowed, but let me know your guys' thoughts on if you think this would be a useful thing or not!
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2022.01.25 02:39 HannibalLunchBox What is the JWT orbiting at the L2 point?

I understand the concept of the Lagrange Point diagram and the relation between the two bodies of masses and the centripetal force required to keep the object moving with them. But I was watching an animation showing the JWT’s orbit, and it seems to be going in a circle perpendicular to Earth orbit, as well as 1.5 million km away. What maintains that orbit?
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2022.01.25 02:39 babyvirgin HELP with orgasms, cleanup, spice, and everything nice?

Hey girls!!
I have questions about sex as il trying to navigate a happy and healthy sex life with my now live in bf and im struggling over here.
First!! How on earth do you orgasm during penetration? I can only do it via clit stimulus and its difficult to get him involved in that because our sex literally has no foreplay?? How do I get him interested in vagina because I literally have to ask him to touch it and that feels so awkward and makes me insecure that he doesn't automate want to finger bang tf out of me.
Second!! what is the best method for cleaning up "fluids" after? On BC pills so he finishes inside but we've run into the issue of fluids getting everywhere and rn use a towel but it's annoying because we have to go grab a towel right b4 sex which is a small pain and not a big deal but wondering if theres better solutions?
And last but surely not least!! How do you stop a boring sex routine? Like I said earlier. No foreplay. Help a girl out. We typically get into doggy cuz thats the most effective position fore to really feel him and then I rub my own clit til we finish. It works and is a good way to have a quick but all the time is leaving me feeling like ummmm is this what sex is? Cuz I can do this by myself....
I feel bad cuz I love my man's. But we are both not the most experienced. He has gotten me off with his hands a few times and they've been great times but he wants to find a way to make me cum during penetration and I feel the same because I find it annoying having to ask him to rub off all the time so I end up never asking him to and just do it myself;( please help ooo
Tdlr; How do you orgasm during penetration and what is the best method for cleaning up "fluids" after? And how do you stop a boring sex routine?
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2022.01.25 02:39 Lab_Actual Jazz

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2022.01.25 02:39 king_frederick_iv no caption needed

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2022.01.25 02:39 Far-Cry2124 (19M) What made your childhood special?

Let's face it. The world as we know it at least right now, is hella depressing. And in general I'm an optimistic young adult still kid at heart.
So this is an appreciation post for my childhood and what stood out to me about it. And I welcome you to share what made your childhood special to you in the comments. Regardless of age!
For me, I was always a curious child. And my favorite toys back than were Thomas the tank engine toys! These days they don't sell them in Walmart anymore because I guess kids are more focused on tik tok lol but that piece metal on wheels and a face meant so much to me at the time. Sometimes it still does!
I also loved a show that is officially 11 years old now called Austin and Ally. I'm pretty convinced this and listening to my mom's favorites from her childhood like Michael Jackson made me into a more mentally creative person in school and in life. Music does wonder's to the brain in the mother's womb.
And if there was one more thing that could put a cherry on top it's when school was actually fun. (Elementary). I remember fondly having a school field day where there was nothing but action. Good food, tug of war, and running allllll God damn dayyy.
I'm OnLy hoping the generation next have their own good experiences too!
Anyways what's some of your favorite childhood memories or objects that you remember fondly? I'm very curious.
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2022.01.25 02:39 GayForBigBoss Do I go back to school, or focus on music?

Hi all, so I'll try to keep this brief. I recently graduated as a surgical technologist about 3 years ago. It's a decent job and somewhat fulfilling, but the pay isnt the best and there is not much upward mobility. After some traveling and soul searching I decided to move back home (my grandpa has a duplex, hes given me one side rent free) and go to community college to transfer to the state university in my home town to pursue Computer Science. I'm 2 weeks in my first semester and I'm kind of hating it. I'm doing the pre req stuf (comp 1, remedial math, history) and it is not stimulating at all.
I've also been a guitarist/bassist/singer since I was 9, I'm 24 now. I never took it particularly seriously, I'm completely self taught and never really played in any bands. I always thought the idea of pursuing a music career would be a dream come true but never seemed obtainable. I've taken a hiatus from any real music making for the past year and the bug has been biting me again.
I'm at a crossroads, I really dont want to be a scrub tech forever. I want to make a good salary doing something creative and stimulating, and I'm willing to study for whatever it is I want to do but academia bores the hell out of me. I currently have a part time job, I could realistically put back $500-900 a week, maybe more if I wasn't in class. Would I be crazy to drop now, and instead start taking music lessons, invest in some equipment, and try to makea living in music?
I'm in my mid 20s now, and I'd be pushing 30 by the time I graduate. I dont want to be a bonafide adult and suddenly realize I wasted my youth on a degree I only somewhat care about when I could have been chasing a passion the whole time. I also don't want to get stuck making a subsistence wage at a job I dont care much for my whole life.
Idk what y'all think? Continue with college while working part time and keep music as a hobby, or work 24-38 hours a week and work on my craft?
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2022.01.25 02:39 Individual_Sea6857 Who would win?

After God fruit Kaguya vs Isshiki when he came to Earth.
Personally I think Kaguya as she has all the chakra on the Earth.
View Poll
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2022.01.25 02:39 TheNightsWolfYT Requesting Aid for our cause

For Java players only as that is the platform Being played on
Anyways I need more players who are willing to be apart of this 200 player simulation civilization experiment.
And the land is the United States (Not counting Hawaii or Alaska, only 48 states)
Im not the one hosting this server.
And currently the Faction I am in is Texas, and only about maybe 6 states will be chosen. Current Participants (50-60 )
I am asking for Aid/ people to support The Texas faction.
If you want to join then send a message to me through discord TheNightsWolf#7318
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2022.01.25 02:39 outragedhain 47 Tucanae

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2022.01.25 02:39 newsdk Mandag var knap 100 ansatte i ældreplejen i Sønderborg ramt af corona

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2022.01.25 02:39 YhormtheDwarf Astro Vera heals for 10 and procs heartichoke, dealing 10 damage to face. 10 damage to face procs flytrap, healing me for another 10. Healing me for another 10 procs heartichoke for another 10 damage to face and my best OTK ever

Astro Vera heals for 10 and procs heartichoke, dealing 10 damage to face. 10 damage to face procs flytrap, healing me for another 10. Healing me for another 10 procs heartichoke for another 10 damage to face and my best OTK ever submitted by YhormtheDwarf to PvZHeroes [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 02:39 operator139 Modern fairytales have no happy endings. People work jobs they don't love, end in marriages that aren't healthy, and then they slowly die.

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2022.01.25 02:39 moomoomilky1 [OFFER] Neo Card - $70** ($50 from them and $20 from me) CA only

A Canadian based no fee credit card with a really good tier based rewards programs. They also have a savings account with a 1.3% interest rate! They are offering $25 to you for using my referral while giving me $20, in which I pay you $10 for using my referral code.
Simple Steps:

  1. Comment $bid on this post.
  2. Sign up using my referral link ( )
  3. Verify Account
  4. Message me once done
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2022.01.25 02:39 newsdk Vinhandel gearer op: - Inden for få år skal vi i hvert fald runde en omsætning på en halv milliard

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2022.01.25 02:39 TheDoctorOf1977 Is there a way to message the server?

I run a minecraft server through Aternos and was wondering if there was a way to private message the server, as using the console you can anonymously /msg players.
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2022.01.25 02:39 yourfriend_al i honestly find girls with glasses so damn attractive

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2022.01.25 02:39 F1yingSkiGull From my perspective.

Imagine yourself complacent. Frustrated in a full lifeless marriage your prying asking for answers yet feel your so is leaving a double life with ______ involved and ______ and _______. (Fill in realistic frustrations there.)
Your praying for an answer yet scared to leave. I didn’t have a job lost touch with my professional career. Your desperate for hope love and affection. Christ never left my side but it doesn’t mean I was t scared!
Unknowns. It takes a SO sometimes quite a few times to get courage up to leave I wanted to know looking back I did the right thing? Did I know you were going to come visit? No I would’ve left then if I could i was so scared I had my blinders on I couldn’t see anyway up our out of this dark hole. Was the moving van a site too? Was I suppose to move with __??? To __??????
[fill in blanks for my what if’s imagination]. I had no configurations for my brain in those boxes or rationales of why who what etc ?
I’d loose everything! Including my house per my cousin who is a div attorn.
Imagine ______ down the road. I’m online chatting as I normally do. Very intimiate 1:1 ratio of excerpts Intimiaye details of items handed to me given from a fridge to other details I had long forgotten brought up. Your chatting with this person gain trust then poof the blubberfunsnstkr changes the topic. Suddenly mean rude. A different person. Mean while I’m struggling to find truth and a new way navigating this new ….reality
Time goes by so slowly things I’m encouraged to stay positive? Does it feel manipulative __[_d_b]\ headphones on and multiple user accounts turned and switched to pretend to know all these details about me then poof username changed. You see I’m not a victim. But I do feel beyond manipulated, contortioned into squeezing myself into molds words and very vulnerable raw humiliating ways of raw honesty met with brute blunt ____Wholehearted rudeness …’s day many many people catfished and scammed into well. Watch documentaries. Blah blah
Then imagine the avenues of me limping at work. Being seen doing so? Mentioned. Messaged with the eye symbol when I open my eyes in my own bedroom AND when I get up at night to go and pee! Not to mention my bank account was low and items I would pull out of my fridge. Brand of eggs things in my fridge and sayings from Taco Bell hot sauce. Finding urine on the back seat of a toilet after my dad died, dry wall altered. Door knobs jingggled loose after buying baited sexual toys to see if people would pry. Indeed. Things taken out of my own personal safe that we’re my own medical use. Items go missing then randomly magically appear.
How is a person #suppose to feel! And what the hell. Why me ?! Why! Mental illness is real. I should not be made out to be the mentally ill one it’s not fair and time has passed too much has gone. With no note explaining the intrusion UTTER complete invasion of privacy down to the things and items in my own shower things I do in the bathroom. For crying out loud ! I have had enough.
Joking on how many user accounts one has? How do I know. How do I know what’s made up what’s not. You see you might THINk I know. I DO NOT KNOW I am tired feel lead on and disgusted. I am owed many apologies. No one should blame me for lashing out at you and wanting to chew someone ass for cat fishing me for so long. These are real life stories and people catfish and back and know inside things. Such things can be various forms of knowledge. Inside? Psychic, government BBrother, spying or PI’s. Things I privately say at work or car or home !!! What gives. I’m owned an explanation. Especially if your going to come into my home. Alter my front door so you can visibly see a gap in the cold weather. Mind you that front door is mahogany wood. Well over $3,500. I don’t appreciate my stuff being altered if you cannot fix it or help pay my electric bills in the winter ! Break it? Fix it! Rude! Don’t go and move things around. Change the color of my eyebrow color and try to be subtle. Leave me a note I know you people come in my home when I’m not gone but damn it you owe me an excuse apology and the TRUTH! I deserve the truth !
The thing with me is I —-might not always be nice—— but I always speak the truth even if it is not nice —-it is how I feel and the reaction is genuine. Rejected and unrequited. Burn the bridge down! Light it on fire ! Don’t tread on me or I will screw your up! I don’t tolerate spammers hackers or people who misuse abuse of power! Just be respectful and tell me the truth !
Hope you see the R e a l I t y for me. Others tell me to move out of my house! Why says one it will just happen at your next home. Well stop abusing me and tell me the truth or leave me alone!
T h I s has gone on too long ! Enough, already!
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2022.01.25 02:39 newsdk Ramt af smitte: Corona blandt de ansatte lukker butik og café

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2022.01.25 02:39 Andonis_Longos Carṭa d'África cun sas provinkias e kitades (re-upload with better quality)

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2022.01.25 02:39 Just_Someone_Casual Don’t think this has been pointed out, at least in this subreddit, but Apple, one of Verosika’s succubi, has an apple and snake tattoo on her left calf which I think is meant to reference the temptation snake Bible story

Don’t think this has been pointed out, at least in this subreddit, but Apple, one of Verosika’s succubi, has an apple and snake tattoo on her left calf which I think is meant to reference the temptation snake Bible story submitted by Just_Someone_Casual to HelluvaBoss [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 02:39 ZAVAZggg A Glimpse Into the Lucidverse (Methods of Ending, Implements of Violence)

▰▰ Implements of Violence ▰▰

▰▰ Methods of Ending ▰▰
Remember, however, that canon is not something set in stone. Rather it stands upon the imagination's shifting sand...
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2022.01.25 02:39 newsdk Tøjbutik i Kolding ramt af nyt tyveri: Butikschef deler detaljerede overvågningsfotos trods risiko for stor bøde

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