Roblox be like:

2022.01.25 02:07 GrimdarkTigy Roblox be like:

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2022.01.25 02:07 will_wohlert9 looking for funn ji

looking for funn ji
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2022.01.25 02:07 LoveMangaBuddy Read Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sex Guys’ Hearts - Chapter 174 - TrueManga

There’s a girl called Summer. She has social phobia and is allergic to men. As soon as being crashed by a car, she got one and only chance—the qualification to get the heart of superstar Donggong Shuiyue in a game?! Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sexy Guys’ Hearts ... Read Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sex Guys’ Hearts - Chapter 174 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.25 02:07 Adventurous_Passion Really enjoying tf outta that summer weather down there

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2022.01.25 02:07 trying2bgooddad Let my van sit for a month in freezing winter, now it's sputtering when I accelerate

Have a 2008 Dodge Caravan I haven't been using much this winter, just charged the battery and took it for a drive and it mostly is driving well, but when I accelerate it sorta sputters or coughs as it speeds up. It happens way more on the highway and barely at all if I accelerate very slowly.
Should I be concerned? Is this something I need to have a shop look at? Or might it go away over time (something in the fuel lines or gas tanks from sitting in winter?)?
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2022.01.25 02:07 KR_2022 Vol jumps into the action

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2022.01.25 02:07 yokesh351 How should DeFi be regulated? A European approach to decentralization

The Detail of DeFi Regulation: Is There an “Owner” of the Platform Who Can Be Enforced?
Decentralized finance, known as DeFi, is a new use of blockchain technology that is growing rapidly, with more than $237 billion of value locked in DeFi projects as of January 2022. Regulators are aware of this phenomenon and are starting to take action. act to regulate it . In this article, we briefly review the fundamentals and risks of DeFi before introducing the regulatory context.
The basics of DeFi The development of DeFi is a set of alternative financial systems based on the blockchain that allows more advanced financial operations to be carried out than the simple transfer of value, such as currency exchange, lending or borrowing, in a decentralized manner , that is, directly between peers, without go through a financial intermediary (a centralized exchange, for example).
Schematically, a protocol considered as a DApp (for decentralized application), such as Uniswap or Aave, is developed in open source on a public blockchain such as Ethereum . This protocol is powered by smart contracts, that is, contracts that are executed automatically when certain conditions are met . For example, in the DApp Uniswap it is possible to exchange money between two cryptocurrencies of the Ethereum ecosystem, thanks to smart contracts designed to carry out this operation automatically.
Users are incentivized to contribute liquidity as they receive a portion of the transaction fee. As for loans and borrowing, smart contracts allow those who want to lend their funds to make them available to borrowers and borrowers to directly request the money made available by guaranteeing the loan with a guarantee (or not) . Exchange and interest rates are determined by supply and demand and arbitrated between DApps.
The great peculiarity of DeFi protocols is that there is no centralized institution in charge of verifying and carrying out transactions . All transactions take place on the blockchain and are irreversible. Smart contracts replace the intermediary role of centralized financial institutions . The code of DeFi applications is open source, allowing users to verify the protocols, build on top of them, and make copies.
The risks of DeFi Blockchain gives more power to the individual. But with more power comes more responsibility. DeFi risks are of several types:
Technological risks . DeFi protocols depend on the blockchains they are built on, and blockchains can suffer from attacks (known as "51% attacks"), crashes, and network congestion issues that slow down transactions, make them more expensive, or even impossible. DeFi protocols themselves are also subject to cyberattacks, such as the exploitation of a protocol-specific flaw . Some attacks are at the intersection of technology and finance. These attacks are carried out using "flash loans" . Is aboutunsecured token loans that can then be used to influence the price of the tokens and make a profit, before promptly repaying the loan .
Financial risks. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and a rapid price drop can occur. Liquidity can be depleted if everyone withdraws their crypto from the liquidity pools at the same time (a "bank run" scenario). Some malicious developers of DeFi protocols have "back doors" that allow them to hijack the tokens locked in smart contracts and thus steal from users (this phenomenon is called " rug-pull ").
Regulatory risks . Regulatory risks are even greater because DeFi's reach is global, peer-to-peer transactions are generally anonymous, and there are no identified intermediaries (most of the time). As we will see below, there are two particularly important issues for the regulator: the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, on the one hand, and consumer protection, on the other .
The FATF "Test": Is It Really Decentralized? On October 28, 2021, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released its latest guidance on digital assets. This international organization tried to define the rules to identify the responsible actors in DeFi projects, proposing a test to determine if DeFi operators should be subject to the Virtual Asset Service Provider or "VASP" regime . This regime imposes, among other things, obligations to combat money laundering (AML ) and the financing of terrorism (CFT ).
The FATF had initially considered, last March, that if the decentralized application (the DApp) is not a VASP, the entities "involved" in the application may be , which occurs when "the entities undertake as a business to facilitate or perform activities" in the DApp.
The new FATF guidance drops the term "facilitate" and instead adopts a more functional "owneoperator" approach, according to which "creators, owners, and operators... who maintain control or influence" over the DApps can be VASPs even though the project may seem decentralized .
The FATF, under the new "owneoperator" test, establishes that the indications of control or domain include the exercise of control over the project or the maintenance of an ongoing relationship with the users .
The test is as follows:

The FATF makes it clear that a State must interpret the test broadly. Add that:
"Owners/operators should conduct ML/TF [money laundering and terrorist financing] risk assessments prior to software or platform launch or use, and take appropriate steps to manage and mitigate these risks appropriately. continuous and prospective".
The FATF even states that, if there is no “owneoperator”, States can require a regulated VASP to “participate” in activities related to the DeFi project … Only if a DeFi project is fully decentralized, i.e. fully automated and outside the control of an owneoperator, it is not a VASP according to the latest FATF guidance.
It is unfortunate that a principle of blockchain net neutrality has not been established , similar to the principle of neutrality of networks and technical intermediaries of the Internet (established by the European directive on electronic commerce more than 20 years ago).
In fact, purely technical developers of DeFi solutions do not usually have the physical possibility to carry out the checks imposed by AML/CFT procedures in the design of current DApps. The new FATF guidance is likely to require DApp developers to put up know-your-customer (KYC) portals before users can use such DApps .
Securities law enforcement? We all know the legal debate that has become a classic when it comes to qualifying a token: is it a utility token, now subject to the regulation of digital assets (ICO and VASP), or is it a security token? ) that will probably be governed by financial law?
We know that the approach is very different in the United States, where the Securities Exchange Commission (applying the famous "Howey Test") classifies tokens as securities that would be seen as digital assets in Europe. Their approach is therefore harsher, and this will surely lead to more prosecutions of DeFi platform “owners” in the US than in Europe .
So, if the development of DeFi services do not involve digital assets, but rather tokenized financial securities as defined by the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID Directive), the rules for investment service providers (ISPs) will have to apply. In Europe, this will be a rare case, as the tokens traded would have to be actual financial securities (company shares, debt, or investment fund units).
However, national regulations are likely to apply . For example, in France it will be necessary to determine whether the regulations on intermediaries of miscellaneous goods (article L551-1 of the Monetary Code and following) apply to liquidity pools.
Indeed, pools allow clients to acquire rights to intangible assets and offer a financial return . In theory, it is no longer excluded that the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) decides to apply this regime. Consequently, the AMF must approve an information document before any commercialization.
However, in practice, there is not one person who proposes the investment, but rather a multitude of DApp users who contribute their liquidity in an open source encrypted smart contract. This brings us back to the test proposed by the FATF: Is there an "owner" of the platform who can be required to comply with the regulations?
The MiCA regulation On November 24, the European Council decided its position on the "Regulation on markets in crypto assets" (MiCA ), before submitting it to the European Parliament. This foundational text for the cryptosphere is expected to be adopted by the end of 2022 (if all goes well...).
The EU draft regulation relies on a centralized approach by identifying a provider responsible for operations for each service , which does not work for a decentralized exchange platform (such as Uniswap) or a decentralized stablecoin.
It would be necessary to think of a legal system that takes into account the automated and decentralized nature of blockchain-based systems , so as not to impose obligations on operators who do not have the material possibility of respecting them or who run the risk of hindering innovation by eliminating the reason for progress: decentralization.
Europe has already demonstrated its capacity for subtle arbitrage in matters of technological regulation, if we refer in particular to the proposal for a regulation by the European Union on artificial intelligence. This approach could serve as a source of inspiration.
Regardless of the balance chosen by the regulator, investors should fully educate themselves and pay attention to technological, financial, and compliance risks before undertaking a DeFi transaction.
As for DeFi service providers and application developers in this area, they must remain vigilant to regulatory developments and cultivate a culture of transparency in their operations to stay ahead of regulatory risk as much as possible .
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2022.01.25 02:07 0nce_A I finished Graces mission but it still gives me her radio call every time I hover over the Lamb of God Church

not that important I’m just playing 4 nostalgia
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2022.01.25 02:07 DragonDai Reddit says being mean to Nazis is harassment…

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2022.01.25 02:07 f30nardo M29 looking for a text/snap buddy

95% of the people I chat with on here ghost either a few messages in or if I’m lucky to make it a few days later. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not me it’s them and I’m trying this again. Few things about me:
I’m always on my phone so I’ll respond within 0.02 seconds of you messaging me. I’m pretty funny I think. I do like to joke around and will 100% send you memes. I will also send you unsolicited dog pics. I do know how to hold a conversation. I know it’s crazy. I’m not the hey lol ok kinda texter. I’m into a lot of different things so I’m sure we can find some common ground.
If any of that at all seemed interesting shoot me a dm. Also preferably looking for people closer to my age. 25-35 is ideal. Hope to hear from y’all soon
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2022.01.25 02:07 Desperate-Pair7594 After Ethereum end, will there still be other profitable algorithm to be mine using 1660ti? Not planning to sell my gpu.

Currently I am mining with 1660ti, will I run into a risk of not able to mine after ethereum ends? I mean, after Ethereum end, will there still be profitable algorithm that can be mine by 1660ti? Will this gpu technology get outdated? I not planning to sell my gpu.
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2022.01.25 02:07 Standard-Space5156 Having guilt

So me and my gf are highschool sweethearts back in highschool I never cheated on her but I would do stupid things such as being flirty and everyone because I was trying to make friends as I was new to school. I was essentially acted like I was player but never acted on it but I just wanted to be friends with everyone and be like the guys and be cool. My gf found out and we had a honest conversation. After highschool I haven’t done anything stupid and try my best to make maintain boundaries with female friends. At that point in highschool I didn’t realize what I was doing bc I assumed it was the norm but now I’m 20 and I feel disgusted with myself.As I was digging through my past I realized I did a lot of this stupid repetitive shit and my girlfriend knows about most of it. But I found repetitive shit that I did at that point that she might not know of. Tbh I don’t even know what was going this crap happened 3 years ago so a lot of details is unclear. Should I mentioned the small details or just let it go I just feel ashamed of the guy I was in hs because this is not who my mom raised me to be. Even if I mentioned it I don’t know what exactly was happening but our relationship during highschool was toxic and stupid. All of it was just innocent flirting but nothing too serious and me telling guys that girl is “hot” and she is “fine” alot of repetitive shit. Never met up with anyone or hooked up with anyone. A lot of my friends say to leave it alone since I’m not that guy anymore and not to rub salt in the wound I’m just exhausted and going to therapy to get over guilt of my mistakes
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2022.01.25 02:07 MrsHamburgler Our beardie doesn’t shed often, should I be concerned?

I rescued my beardie (Doctor Connors) from a neglectful home where I worked as a house cleaner. I convinced the owner (a teenager with rich parents who thought getting a bearded dragon would fix their depression) to give me and my partner Doctor Connors when I quit working for the family.
Our boy is about 4 years old now, and I’ve been taking care of him since April of 2021. We’ve gotten him up to a healthy weight, and his vet deemed him as a “lean lizard machine” as Doctor Connors explored around the exam room. He’s active, loves eating his greens, happily wolfs down worms, and enjoys blueberries as a treat. He loves his bathtime, where he drinks plenty of water. He has a properly sized enclosure, which we’ve been modifying continually to give him enrichment and an efficient light set up.
He seems perfectly happy and healthy. However, he doesn’t shed. I remember when the teenage son first got the beardie as a baby, he shed quite a bit as his body grew. But I haven’t seen that type of shed in a while, at least not in the past 10 months. Our little man has shed in patches on his legs, and a little on his face. Should I be concerned? Is it because he has reached his full size?
Many thanks in advance for any responses. This community is rad.
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2022.01.25 02:07 Lonely-Window590 GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Gameplay #2

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2022.01.25 02:07 Nubby_Jones Reposting Because Reddit was having issues

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2022.01.25 02:07 RamonaLittle Faye Malarkey Black, head of the Regional Airline Association

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2022.01.25 02:07 POGBLACKMAN average celestial moment

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2022.01.25 02:07 Sanic2fast48 Maple bonsai, declining from powdery mildew, been treating with bonide sulfer and doesn't seem to be getting rid of it any thing else i should try.

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2022.01.25 02:07 fifteentango88 Butt

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2022.01.25 02:07 Oldagg03 The prices at this movie theater in Mason, Tx

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2022.01.25 02:07 Additional-List3965 Cost for a small website

Hi there,
I just started learning ReactJS. I am building this website: for a small restaurant along with my learning journey. I am in Canada, I am not sure how much should I charge them for this website, could you guys have a look and give me a price range or something? Thank you
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2022.01.25 02:07 ChristianFilosofer Sermon - Jesus Christ, the Revolutionary of Revolutionaries

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2022.01.25 02:07 Warfys Fred wondering if maybe 54cm looks more impressive than 51cm

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2022.01.25 02:07 brans_not_here Odd pacman frog behaviour

So my pacman frog has been turning in circles and he isnt moving his right back leg a lot
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2022.01.25 02:07 barstoolbets_bot [ NFL ] Betting Odds & Lines - Tuesday, January 25

Last update: 12:07 AM

Event Spread (SP) Moneyline (ML) Total
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