bf34f ahnhz ib958 4dskb 3y43r 7tir5 ztaii fktyy d62d2 y74bh 655ys fras7 6dr6r 3b4h2 knt9s fyn92 25rrk 8258e 34hdz 362rb i4s64 How to deal with the Miku hate club: A step by step tutorial |

How to deal with the Miku hate club: A step by step tutorial

2022.01.25 01:16 Kalum81 How to deal with the Miku hate club: A step by step tutorial

  1. Let them post whatever they have to say
  2. If it is complaining about Miku being a bitch, give them a hard time, here are some of the arguments you can give them:
  3. All the other spirits after her give Shido a hard time, there’s a first for everything
  4. Kurumi is even more predatory than Miku
  5. Kurumi also gave Shido a hard time when she first showed up
  6. There’s a magical concept called character development
  7. You can change up the lyrics all you want, your playing the same song and all of these arguments have been explained by 2020
  8. Eventually, they’ll finally crack and say that it’s their opinion and no one is respecting them.
  9. You explain to them that Miku went through the same thing with internet toxicity, and now you understand and can relate to her.
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2022.01.25 01:16 jefftak7 J Trani’s in San Pedro

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2022.01.25 01:16 hot-artshare What Do You Love about The Flower From Tiamat's Fire? 🔥

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2022.01.25 01:16 AnimeLowlife Allowed calculators

I saw that the math faculty has only 3 approved calculators. Is this taken seriously for assessments or are all non graphing calculators fine?
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2022.01.25 01:16 Glade-ous oh yeah this definitely makes sense

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2022.01.25 01:16 BoominBomber Why Do People Think Trippie Is Dropping In November? The Latest I Think ALLTY5 Will Drop Is May Based On This Schedule

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2022.01.25 01:16 Scootpyro Hmmmm

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2022.01.25 01:16 nhowe006 This after sending me a skills assessment with another candidate's answer attached

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2022.01.25 01:16 Icclo Apparently being 18+ now makes you a pedo

I met tjis person in "no time two talk". He wasn't responding so ij did the universal "you there?" Gesture in front of his face. Not too close because i dont know the kid. He immediately said to not touch him and i told him that if i wanted to id ask beforehand. He asked for my age and well i aint 18 no more im older then that now. So he said im lying that i wouldn't touch him. I told him that i have no reason to touch him. He then left. I have no idea why he responded so harshly to a simple wave, but im gonna guess hes dealing with this issue irl or hes increadibly narcissistic. I'd libe to know more peoples thoughts on it tho. Should i just block people like that in the future? I just dont want to sever that connection if they actually need help.
It especially hurt me considering I've experienced not-so-nice things myself when i was younger. Am i to just ignore tthis in the future and move on?
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2022.01.25 01:16 killingmemesoftly Tolkien was a literary genius guys

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2022.01.25 01:16 SimpleTokenBSC Simple Token BSC 💎 New Gem | Fairlaunch at 19:00PM UTC 25th January 2022 | Liquidity Locked | Tech-Rate Audit | CG + CMC Listing after launch 💰 | Don't miss the Simplest Moonshot in the BSC 🚀🌖

Simple Token is a long-term community-driven cryptocurrency that will impact 1M holders.
Holding Simple Token means that you are a free soul that has found a simple path to smart income.
Simple Token will get the throne to the «moon» and «inu» coins.

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- Most important CEX Listings

✅Verified Contract will be released at launch to avoid sniper bots.
💎Buy $SIMPLE on January 25th, at 19:00 PM UTC on pancakeswap!

💎 Tokenomics
🔒 4% Liquidity
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Simple Token didn't want to leave anyone behind. We selected the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because the Ethereum network (ERC-20) as everyone knows has extremely high gas fees, we want this financial opportunity to be open to any wallet size.

📈Total Supply 100%
🧁 Pancake pool 45%
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🚀 Marketing 8%
💰 Future exchanges 5%
💎 Devs 2%

Join the Simple crew!

🌐 Simple Token - The Simplest Moonshot in the BSC. Simply Simple.
📎 Litepaper:

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2022.01.25 01:16 SomesSense Arghghle... Wooter

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2022.01.25 01:16 Acceptable-Plate8975 Is it better than any 3D Maneuver Gear scene of Mappa?

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2022.01.25 01:16 TheTruth221 who are the rated R superheroes in marvel?

like punisher and who else
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2022.01.25 01:16 Doodooman2378 omg does anyone else think their music is underrated

just kidding i like elephant and thats it ::))))))
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2022.01.25 01:16 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] Texas Southern defeats Alabama State, 73-66

Box Score
Team 1H 2H Total
Alabama State 26 40 66
Texas Southern 29 44 73
Index Thread for January 24, 2022
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2022.01.25 01:16 holleringelk Resolve [OC]

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2022.01.25 01:16 ZoolShop Pixel Notepad tipped to be a good deal cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

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2022.01.25 01:16 NORDLAN Don Jr. just posted a truly psychotic video and everyone’s thinking the same thing

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2022.01.25 01:16 bArAkA4167 Looking for a particular app which is on the play store. Any help is appreciated.

Hi. I'm looking for a particular app(that is most definitely in the playstore) that goes by the name of StorySaver or something along the lines of that. It is an Instagram downloader that allows you to download stories and posts and has an interface that links directly to your insta feed. But the main thing(for me atleast) it allows and has access to the saved posts that I am able to save on Instagram. I have a lot of memories saved in it and would like to have them on my phone. It has a section that shows your followed people and a tab where it shows your actual Instagram feed too.
Unfortunately I had to reset my phone so I lost all my apps and can't seem to find it in the play Store since there are a lot of them. I'm looking for this app specifically because of the access to your saved posts.
If anyone knows this app or something similar to it and could share maybe a link to it, it would be really helpful.
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2022.01.25 01:16 Adm0101 It's a...coaxolotl! I'Il see myself out.

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2022.01.25 01:16 Farmer-Smores LOEEEEEE

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2022.01.25 01:16 CatharticExperience [WTS][CA/SoCal] WE Tech Apache, APS CAM870 MK1, Modify PP2K, G&P Magpul PTS,

For sale only, I’m thinning out my collection.

  1. WETech Apache MP5A3 GBBR ($725 firm)
Works perfectly fine. Very snappy and high ROF.
Specs: - 5 long magazines (3 perfectly fine, two with the blue tape leak) - 1 short magazine (perfectly fine) - ZParts steel internals installed - Poseidon hard recoil spring kit installed - A+ inner barrel and hop up from SWIT installed
  1. APS CAM870 MK1 ($375 firm)
Custom CAM X receiver with MK1 bolt conversion. Comes with 4 smart shells. I haven’t used it in awhile since it’s just a display piece, so the shells might need new orings. The gun itself works perfectly fine.
  1. Modify PP2K ($350 firm)
Works perfectly fine. Basically new in box. I’ve added a Modify suppressor and T1 replica. Comes with original flash hider in a little plastic bag. All in its original case and unopened manual.
  1. Custom G&P Magpul PTS GBBR ($200 firm)
Too many random parts to list. Receiver is G&P, and everything else is made of Western Arms, King Arms, G&P parts, and random furniture. Comes with a non-leaking King Arms magazine.
Prioritizing local offers because of my busy schedule. Can meet up in SoCal depending on your location. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 01:16 Burner_acc_92 My GF is being abused at home, she can't leave, what can she do.

My (19) girlfriend (19) has been abused by her parents since around grade 8. She tried to move in with me, but after around 6 months it just became too much. My room is very small and there isn't any other area in my house she can stay ( I live with my parents as well.)
We are both working but are nowhere near being able to rent a house or even afford a car. It would also worsen my situation to move out myself right now, and she can't live alone. (we are both on the more severe side of mental illness)
so like what can she do, we already live in a cheaper area, but would only be able to rent by working 40+ hours at a place that pays above $17/h. Another option would be finding roommates, but that leads to the issue of there not being many places to rent in general.
She still hasn't finished high school due to her mental illness, and overworking could easily send her off the edge, as it has in the past. (no point in working 40 hours a week if you are going to off yourself after 2 months right.) We thought maybe staying in a college dorm could work? but that would still be a year or two away, and I genuinely don't know if she could hold out at home for that much longer.
She cant call the police either, they arent physically abusing her. They constantly say they would have been better off if she wasn't alive, yet when she tries to leave they throw a complete tantrum, do a quick 180 and apologize/get better for about 2 months, then they go right back to abusing her. (This has happened 3 times in the last year.)
She constantly blames herself for everything and will go into periods where she just doesn't believe they are abusive at all, she genuinely believes she deserves what they are saying to her. They have threatened to kill her multiple times, they had so many holes in their walls from her parents throwing tantrums that they had to redo the entire house. I am terrified of them one day killing her or her taking her own life.
So please, what the fuck can she do to get out of their house.
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2022.01.25 01:16 Arsh-12-31 what the magnetite doing [No Spoilers]

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